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Untitled Prezi

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Javiera Lazarus

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

. What is love? . The love of the young persons is not in the heart,
but is in the eyes(William Shakespeare) We agree because when one is young, we leave ourselves to direct for physical appearances and not look within her/his heart, without understanding that the appearances
generally are deceitful. In the real love nobody gives the orders;
they obey the two. (Alejandro Casona) We agree because love must be mutual
nobody must press other one, when this happens
is not a healthy relationship , begin to transform in a relation of owner and slave where finally both of them ended damage . Types of love Love . love of couples Love of family Love for the animals Love for the nature Love of friends Love to long distance My darling
It's difficult for me to express what I feel for you face to face. that is the reason I write this letter where the words come easily.
I would tell you the most beautiful words tonight .
I looks at the full moon my love I can see your shadow from here in spite of how far away you might stay.
You are always on my mind my tender love,
I love the way you smile,I love your sweet voice ,
I love everything about you
I hope don't break my heart some day.
If you feels the same please let me know
I love you so much my love
Forever yours
with love Mr.X Love How do you feel when
you are in love? Love for myself Hey soul sister
-Train- When you fell in love you start dreaming about that beloved person.
You get happy with only having her/him attention and glance.
You count every second with special person and you keep in your mind in every memory that you spend together ,and each a second with a special person is a romantic moment.You are glad when we stay together.
Where every kind action of that person fills your heart of tender.Your refuge is her/his hugs and kiss then you forget what happens around you ,everything stops. deep love Love is the engine of life, make you see all things more beautiful , you feel very good and you wish to join with a loved person and share yours life .there is many moments of happiness where all things seems more easily to bear.
Love is reciprocate and last on the time .
Love is not only happiness also there is sad moments and problems but when there is love everything can resolve.
there are many kinds of love but the most romantic love is when you fall in love and decided to share you life with someone . Quotations Trailer of the movie ''The Notebook'' poem look at the moon from my window
I close my eyes and dream away
my heart went bloom
I thinking of you
make me happy
I feel so good with you
you mean a lot to me
my love is bigger that the sun
and deeper as the sea
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