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The Civil War

No description

Asim Gosto

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of The Civil War

November 6, 1860 February 9, 1861 The Civil War The confederate States of America are formed with Jefferson Davis as president Abraham Lincoln is elected president of the United States of America This results in South Carolina leaving the Union (December 20, 1860), followed by Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas within two months. Aftermath ''I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free'' Abraham Lincoln Lincoln wanted the union to stop being divided in their opinions '' It will become all one thing, or all the other''.

Lincoln made preserving the Union his main goal with the war, as the war raged on he saw slavery as yet another issue and made ending it an additional goal. The Confederate States under General Pierre Bauregard open fire upon Fort Sumter in Charleston, Sount Carolina with 50 cannons. This is the begining of the Civil War. April 12, 1861 Jefferson Davis The Confederate States of America 1. South Carolina Dec. 20, 1860 - July 9, 1868

2. Mississippi Jan. 9, 1861 - Feb. 23, 1870

3. Florida Jan. 10, 1861 - June 25, 1868

4. Alabama Jan. 11, 1861 - July 13, 1868

5. Georgia Jan. 19, 1861 - July 15, 18702

6. Louisiana Jan. 26, 1861 - July 9, 1868

7. Texas March 2, 1861 - March 30, 1870

8. Virginia April 17, 1861 - Jan. 26, 1870

9. Arkansas May 6, 1861 - June 22, 1868

10. North Carolina May 20, 1861 - July 4, 1868

11. Tennessee June 8, 1861 - July 24, 1866 These states were convinced that their way of life, based on slavery, was threatened by the election of President Abraham Lincoln April 15, 1861 - President Lincoln issues a proclamation calling for 75,000 militiamen (soldiers)

April 17, 1861 - Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina leave the Union.

President Lincoln issues a Proclamation for a blockade against Southern ports. During the war this blockade limits the ability of the rural South to stay well supplied in its war against the industrialized North.

July 21, 1861 - The union suffers a defeat at Bull Runn (25 miles southwest from washington), the troops fall back to Washington and President Lincoln realizes it's gonna be a long war

After a long series of events, like the banishment of slavery in December 6, 1865, the war ended with the surrender of General Robert Lee on April 9, 1865. Grant, in Virginia at Appomattox court
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