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William McKinley: The 25th

The history and life of William McKinley

Ahmad Imam

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of William McKinley: The 25th

William McKinley: The 25th
By: Ahmad Imam Remember The Maine Cuba was under Spanish rule during McKinley's presidency. Demanding freedom, they revolted in 1895. Cuba tried to pull America into war, but William denied it. However, in February 15, 1898, the American battleship Maine was claimed to have blown up by a Spanish bomb. Congress declared war on April 25, 1898. America won the war and gained control of Cuba and the Philippines. Working as a teller in her father's bank, Ida Saxton was rich and very smart. She and her husband gave birth to a small girl, Katherine, and were very happy. However, her mother died and Ida went into a horrible, ill state. She gave birth to another small girl, but died soon after because of sickness, and Katherine died of typhoid fever. Epilepsy and depression quickly took over Ida, and she never healed. When McKinley became president, he still spent all of his attention on Ida, seeing her by putting his work for later. Ida was able to go back to Ohio when McKinley died and see the memorial, which took tremendous courage and willpower. Six years later, Ida died on May 6, 1907. First Lady Ida Saxton Where the cliff represents Spain and the boy the Philippines, the world is watching as McKinley decides to either throw the boy or save him. Political Cartoon During McKinley's presidency, in 1896, the first modernistic Olympic Games began. The games were held in Athens, Greece. For the occasion, George Averoff gave one million drachmas to fix the Panathenaic Stadium where the Games were held. Also accompanying the United States were thirteen other countries, with 245 contestants attended. Sightseers who coincidentally were near the games became contestants from lack of publicity for the Olympics. Events included swimming, tennis, shot put, pole vaulting, gymnastics, cycling, sprints, weight lifting, and target shooting. The death of one of the kindest presidents we have ever known was caused by the actions on September 16, 1901, in Buffalo New York at the Temple of Music. The president was there to meet citizens and shake hands. However, if he had known Leon Czolgosz, who is insane, was one of them, his life would've been saved. Concealed under a handkerchief, a gun was fired twice by Leon, but not killing the president. He was immediately hospitalized, and Leon was sent to prison. Over the next six days, doctors reported the president was becoming healthier and healthier, until infection and gangrene set in. 8 days after being shot, September 14, President William McKinley passed away.Leon then quoted "I killed President McKinley because I have done my duty. I don't believe one man should have so much service and another man should have none." Assassination of President McKinley Let The Olympics Begin! The 100 meter dash is about to start. First Lady Ida Saxton The explosion of The Maine Leon Czolgosz, McKinley's assassin. The date was September 8, 1900 in Galveston and Galveston Island when one of the worst hurricanes in America raged through. The storm started at 2:30 pm and lasted much of the day. By the next day, the damage seen throughout both locations were horrifying. Not including the island, the city of Galveston suffered $5,500,000 worth of homes lost, for a total of 3,636 houses demolished. In all, 6,000 people have died or were presumed dead. The island and city have never been the same ever again. The Galveston Hurricane This is only a small amount of the destruction in Galveston. 1896:McKinley's term began with 5 territories. U.S.A: Before and After 1900:At the end of McKinley's term, Hawaii was annexed to the United States.
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