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Voluntary Cosmetic Surgery: Are the benefits worth the risks?

City University of Hong Kong Gateway Education GE1204 Living with Unexpected & Unknown in Modern Society Presentation 4

PakHin Yuen

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Voluntary Cosmetic Surgery: Are the benefits worth the risks?

Are the benefits worth the risks??? Voluntary Cosmetic Surgery General
Flow Let's look into it!!! Group 12 :
Luciana Yip (51791512)
Henry Yuen (53079747)
Charles Yuen (53117209) GE1204

Presentation 4 Task 1:
What is
Cosmetic Surgery
(Yip Yan Ling) Task 2:
Body Image & Self-Esteem
(Yuen Hang Lee) Task 3:
Local & Foreign Case Studies
(Yuen Pak Hin) Conclusion
(ALL) Main Theme Oppotunities/
Benefits Cosmetic Surgery ?
Factors Risks/
Latent Hazards Part 1 Presentation Flow
What is Cosmetic Surgery? Background
Statistics Consideration
Risks Surgery
Process What is Cosmetic Surgery? Any action to improve body appearance Needs of
Cosmetic Surgery Involuntary
(Improve health conditions)
e.g. Rhinoplasty Voluntary
(no medical reasons) Relevant Statistics
No. of patients Total
1997 : 2.1 million
2008 : 6.9 million
2011 : 9.2 million Teens (Age 18-30)
2000: 30600 people
2007: 41500 people Statistics from:
American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Relevant Statistics
Cost of Surgery Consideration Factors
Taking Cosmetic Surgery Consideration
Factors COST
(High or not?) Time Off Period
(Long or not?) Family Activities /
Other Factors Mobility
(Limited or not?) (exclude health insurance) All about personal perception Disfigurement Respiratory
Problems Infection DEATH!!! Risks associated by
undergoing cosmetic surgery Take Consultation Step 1 Step 3 Sign Contract
* Vital Sign Examine the patients
Explain cosmetic surgery procedures in center Step 2 Mark surgery areas with different color markers Step 4 Proceed
an anesthesia
Start Surgery Step 5 Monitor patient
after surgery Step 6 Full procedures of
general cosmetic surgery Cosmetic Surgery Ends
Success/Failure FUN!!! GUESS!!! ANSWER Can you identify them??? Living with the Unexpected & Unknown in Modern Society Part 3 Presentation Flow
Local & Foreign Case Study Case Study Methodology LOCAL Yeung Yi Tavia FOREIGN (KOREA) Reasons for undergoing cosmetic surgery Benefits
Risks / Latent Hazards Personal Profile & Background
Surgical History Before and After
Comparison A Comparative Study
between the local & foreign cases General Case Study Flow Reasons for undergoing cosmetic surgery Their Benefits
Risks / Latent Hazards Personal Profile & Background
Surgical History Before and After
Comparison Case Study Flow
Yeung Yi Tavia Reasons for undergoing cosmetic surgery Their Benefits
Risks / Latent Hazards Personal Profile & Background
Surgical History Before and After
Comparison Case Study Flow
Han Mo Ha (Transliteration) COMPARATIVE
A Conclusion Let's watch a video first !!! Plastic Surgery Confession Cosmetic Surgery History Without a detail record Never admit to cosmetic surgery Personal Background Being discovered that having first surgery at 2001 Gain popularity: from 2001 Age: 33 (Now)
Artist Career: started at 1999 Career in
Artist Industries Appear on more
than 40 TV Programs More than 25 Advertising
Product Endorser / Advertising Endorser Television Queen
Received Many awards local and overseas BIG 4 Huadan
in TVB Popularity : 2001
First surgery : 2001 Reason for cosmetic surgery Reason 2: Career Reason 1: Self-esteem More confident Reason 3: Money More popular
More job Cycle Benefits Risks/ Latent hazards 1. Self-esteem
2. Popularity
3. Successful Career
4. Money 1. Unknown future health risks (disfigurement) 2. Being discriminated by some of the people
(internet) Personal Profile 80s: A popular artist in Korea Age 23-24 : Got married (End her artist career) Few years later : Gave born to babies Medical / Surgical History First cosmetic surgery : Age 28 Psychological illness:
Cosmetic Surgery Addiction Over 20 surgeries
until Age 48
(averagely 1/year) Called
"The Fan Auntie" or
"The Standing Fan" Now Age 54 1. Personal Image & Self-esteem 2. Interpersonal Relations - Marriage - Family (Parents/Children) 3. Social Pressure / Expectations Reasons for cosmetic surgery Benefits Risks/
Latent Hazards BALANCE 1. Self-esteem reveal herself in KBS interview 2. Gain popularity HOWEVER, NEGATIVELY!!! "The Fan Auntie" "The Standing Fan" 1. Disfigurement (Health Risks)
(Capsular Contracture) 3. Interpersonal Relation Destruction - Marriage
- Family (Parents/Children) A Failed Case!!! BALANCE *THUS FAR*
A SUCCESSFUL CASE Are the BENEFITS worth the RISKS??? Yeung Yi
Tavia Han Myo Ha Reasons
for surgery Career
UNCERTAINTY Different Individuals
Different risks/consideration/actions Different individuals
will have
different psychological and behavioral factors Life is complicated Different individuals
will have different considerations
& actions Different individuals have
different risks factors such as
body image
self-esteem Individual risks factors
individual considerations
& affect
individual actions/decisions Concept of individual risks Are the BENEFITS worth the RISKS Why cosmetic surgeries??? Individuals' perception
on body image
(Self-esteem) DIFFERENCE in
individuals perception on body image It's ALL about
individuals' perception
(on weighting
opportunities & risks) What have we discussed? Basic concepts of
cosmetic surgery &
body image & self esteem Relations between
body image & self esteem Relations between
self esteem & cosmetic surgery Self-esteem is ONE TYPE of
personal perception on OWN body image Conceptial LINK Cosmetic surgery means modifying body image People do cosmetic surgery because of one core factor :
individual perception Conceptial LINK OWN Individual perception
on OWN body image OTHER Individual perception (society)
on OWN body image Cosmetic Surgery: Consideration Factors Main Perception:
Good Body Image = High Self-esteem Concept of Risk While you are enjoying benefits
you may also suffer from
risks / potential risks SUBJECTIVE!!! NO DEFINITE ANSWER!!! What matter most is
how you see yourself?
how you see other look on you?
(Personal perception) Different individuals have different perception & value standard! FINAL WORDS Our ultimate goal is health & delightful life through different methods Beauty is skin deep, therefore we should never be to aggressive on appearance Thanks for attention
Q & A Han Myu Ha Part 2 Presentation Flow
Body Image & Self-esteem Introduction to
Body Image
Self Esteem Factors affecting
Self Esteem Recommendations 1
For Body Image Body Image How you view
your physical self Self Esteem How much you feel you worth How much you feel other vaule you Most people:
Body image Self Esteem Psychological & Behaviorial Influences What is high Self Esteem Knowing self
weakness Be Realistic Find partners/friends
that you like &
appreciate them Feel more
free / control in life High Self-Esteem Puberty & Development Natural change of body image
(Appearance) Change of interpersonal relationship
(by mental maturity) Peer Identity (Friends)
Comparison to others Media Rendering
& Outside Factors Compare with
other people Compare ourselves
with media images Family & Schools
(Elder perception on self) Parents' struggle with
own body image Ignorance from
peers / elders Recommendations 2
For Self Esteem TIPS: Improving Body Image Recognize that your body is your own Identify which part of appearance can be changed (realistically) Set up goals & plans to change you want to Stop when negative comments received Give yourself 3 compliments every day General Recommendations Most effective: (could be) Talk to others Parents
Religious Leader
Guidance Counselor
Friend A trusted adult: Supports you
Help you put body image in perspective
Give positive feedback Knowing yourself - Strengths & Weakness Keep a positive body image - like and accept yourself - have better resilience Be confident to - make friends - independent from parents - Challenge yourself both physically & mentally A positive, optimistic attitude can help people develop strong self-esteem.
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