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Think like assessor

No description

Rhonda King

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Think like assessor

Think like an assessor
What evidence can show that students have achieved the desired results?
What assessment tasks and other evidence will anchor our curricular units and thus guide our instruction?
What should we look for, to determine the extent of student understanding?
three basic questions:
1. What kinds of evidence do we need?
2. What specific characteristics in student responses, products, or performances should we examine?
3. Does the proposed evidence enable us to infer a student's knowledge, skill, or understanding?
Figure 7.3 pg 151
Good assessors gather evidence along the way in a variety of methods and formats.
figure 7.4 pg. 152
Understanding is revealed in:
performance &
ability to transfer core ideas, knowledge, and skill on challenging tasks in a variety of contexts.
Authentic tasks: pg. 154
problems vs exercises:
pg. 157
6 facets of assessment:
page 163
figure 7.11 page 170
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