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Spiritual Gifts: Administration

No description

Stephen Johns

on 24 September 2017

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Transcript of Spiritual Gifts: Administration

What is the gift of Administration?
The unique and God-given ability to chart a course on how to get from Point A to Point B taking into account resources and hurdles.


Do they lead?
What is their value to the church?
Their way is the only way
Inflexible with Time
Lacks of Faith
Confuse Projects with Productivity
Do I Have the Gift of Administration?
Do you do well with lists and structure to projects, spiritual disciplines, and goals?
Do you quickly recognize how resources (time, money, people) should be organized for the greatest efficiency?
Do you get excited and energized by the completion of tasks?
Do you get frustrated by leaders that don’t communicate a clear goal and form a clear plan to get there?
Projects over People
Do you delight in serving with and under leaders who give clear direction and trust you with the project planning?
Do people tend to rely on you for your organizational skills? Do you seem to intuitively know some really good ways things should be structured for efficiency?
Do they care about people?
1. Spiritual Gifts are the outworking of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Believer.

2. Spiritual Gifts are given to Believers for the glory of God through the edification of the church.

3. Every Believer has at least one Spiritual Gift but, may have more than one.

4. No Believer has all of the Spiritual Gifts.

5. Spiritual Gifts may be flavored by personality but they are not the same as personality.
Administration & Leadership
One gift or Two?
One Gift
1. Like the gifts of helping and serving, there are two words describing one gift.
2. Administration and Leadership both involve giving direction to people.
3. The word for Administration is only used here in the noun form in the New Testament.
Two Gifts
1. There is not the same overlap with the words for leadership and administration.
2. The Apostles lead but delegate administration.
3. Qualifications of Elders and administration in the home.
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