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What Gum Last Longest

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nate burdick

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of What Gum Last Longest

Presented By
-Nate Burdick
-Matt Tyrrell
-Jaden Krauss The "What Brand of Gum Last Longest" Experiment Problem Statement Hypothesis Conclusion What is our experiment?
-We are seeing what brand of gum flavor last longest Scientific Question -Does Stride gum really last ridiculously longer then competing gum (Orbit and Trident), Like they claim to in the commercial. No, because they claim, in commercials (The on you just saw) that their gum last so long, a ,"Yeti," will make you spit it out. And we don't believe it will last longer than competing gum companies. In our experiment "The what Gum lasts longer experiment" we found out from our scientific question, "Does Stride gum really last ridiculously longer than Orbit, or Trident like they claim to in the commercials?" that Stride does not last ridiculously longer. In fact it didn't last longer at all. It lasted the second longest, Trident lasted the longest, and Orbit was last.Our hypothesis for this experiment was that Stride wouldn't last ridiculously longer because in commercials they claim that it lasts so long that a "Yeti" will pull it out of your mouth and we don't believe that to be true or the fact that it could beat out other gum companies. In this experiment we found that trident lasts 28mins. and 30sec. for Nate, 32mins. and 41secs. for Matt, and 32mins. and 46secs. for Jaden. Orbit on the other hand didn't last nearly as long. For Nate it was 19mins and 6secs., for Matt it was 17mins and 54secs., and for Jaden it was 17mins. and 54secs. as well. Now for Stride Nate lasted 26mins 43secs, for Matt it was 27mins and 50secs, and for Jaden it was 27 mins 34secs. Next time we do this experiment we would probaly get more types of gum and more people to test them so that we have a wider range of data. However, we still learned that different types of gum and chewers affect the outcome of how long it will last. We conducted this investigation because we were curious to see if Stride really lasts ridiculously longer, and we thought it would be a fun experiment to conduct because we got to chew gum. We still wonder if we chew the gum for a really long time if a "Yeti" will come and pull it out. Also we wonder if the different flavors from different companies last longer. What is our reason for doing this?
-We have seen Stride commercial stating, "Our gum last so long, a yeti will make you spit it out," and we want to prove them wrong. Is this Logical?
-The, "Yeti will make you spit it out," part isn't logical, but the testing to see if other gum brands last longer, is completely logical. Experimental Design Materials- Procedure- 1- Purchase 3 types of gum (Tride,Orbit,Stride)
2-Put 1 piece from one of the gum packages, and begin to chew and start timer.
3-Once the gum flavor is lost, stop the timer
4-Record time in the data table
5-Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each type of gum. The What Gum Brand Last Longest Experiment Whats that? Controls-
Stop Watch
About of gum
Expiration date
Chewing patterns
Time of day
When we choose that there is no flavor left
Position Independent Variable- Type of gum and chewer Dependent Variable- How long the gum flavor lasts Stride Gum
Trident Gum
Orbit Gum
Persons to chew gum
Pencil Data n' Graph
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