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The Things They Carried: Reality/Truth

No description

Chimay Hang

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of The Things They Carried: Reality/Truth

The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien
Reality & Truth Presented by Hannah Osman, Breanna Kunkel, and Chimay Hang Notes & Good Form Building a Story. 152 Stepping out of the Story. 149, 171 Storytelling. Rat Kiley A True War Story Chapter Stories Happening VS. Story
Truth Never Moral
What Happened vs Seemed to happen
Can't be believed
It Never Ends
No point A Story may be true but never actually happened
A real situation that happened but doesn't seem true Baby Buffalo (75)
Four Guys and a Grenade (80)
Men on the Mountain (72)
Curt Lemon (67) Why add lies to make truth? How to Tell a True Story
64-82 In reality, truth exists in both happening truth, and story truth. Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong (85-110) Tim reads Norman's letter.
Haunted by the letter for months.
Sits down and writes.
Adds fake details that are also true.
Portrays true meanings and lessons through fables.
Publishes the story, without second thought. Explanation
Updates on Characters
Revelation Portray a theme.
Convey a meaning. Reality vs. Truth. Reality: The state or quality of being real.
Truth: The state or character of being true. Mary Anne Rat Kiley Rat Kiley Mary Anne Innocent
Naive and oblivious
Curious about the war Begins to change
Learns to use gun
Less "groomed"
Symbol for a "new soldier"
Metaphor for war
Eludes to 'The Ghost Soldiers' Conclusion Feels the need to tell story
Adds in own commentary
Breaks "tone"
Confesses he "loved" her
Believes his story is true Known to exaggerate the truth
Way of telling things is "choppy"
"Nightlife" eludes to exaggeration Difference between truth and happening truth.
May not have happened to O'Brien, but DOES happen.
Stories portray truth. Something real, isn't always true.
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