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Bureaucracy in Education

No description

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Bureaucracy in Education

Bureaucracy in Education
What does bureaucracy mean?
"An authoritative structure based on rationality" (Hanson, p. 15)

"Control human activity to the point of high predictability and maximum efficiency" (Hanson, p. 15)
Control and Uniformity within Educational Organization
Why do people obey?
Types of Authority:
Sanctity of Tradition

Charismatic Leader

Scientific Management
Unit of analysis (work)
Most efficient means
Procedure & rules
Rewards & punishment
Bureaucratization of Education
Decreased number of districts
Increase in student population
Decrease number of elementary and public schools
Increase per student expenditures
Increase local funding
Retain authority


Delegate authority
Decrease ability to change
Ineffectiveness of rules
Minimum performance
Conformity to rules/inability to adapt
Different interpretations
Do Organization and Administration Make a Difference?
Purpose is to create a routine response system.
Bureaucratic Administration

Teacher Perspective
Cartoon Activity
Look at your cartoon. Give a brief description of how it represents bureaucracy. Provide an example of bureaucracy in your own life.
Examples of Organizational
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