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The Themes of Geography

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lilyanna korte

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of The Themes of Geography

The Themes of Geography
Geography Theme #1
Location is the position of a place on the earths surface.
Geography Theme #2
Place describes the characteristics
of a location that makes it unique.
What is Geography?
Geography is the study of earth and the things around it.
Absolute location is the exact place on earth where a geographic feature, such as a mountain is found.
Relative location describes where
that feature is in relation to the
features around it.
Example: highland hills middle school.
Mt. Everest
Geography Theme #3
human-environment Interaction
Human-Environment Interaction describes how people affect the environment or natural surroundings and how the environment affects them.
People affect the environment by using or changing it to meet their needs.
Some environmental things that people can't control are temperature,and natural disasters .Such as Hurricane Katrina.
Geography Theme #4
Movement explains how and why people, foods, and goods move from place to place.
When someone with a different culture moves to America that changes there culture and that places culture. These movements can create great cultural change.
Geography Theme #5
Regions refer to areas of the earths surface that have several common characteristics.
Such as land, population, and natural resources.
The alpine region is a large area known for mining and supplying hydroelectric power.
Longitude & Prime Meridian
Longitude lines are also known as Meridians.
The Longitude line that measures zero degrees is called the Prime Meridian.
Longitude lines go north to south but measure east to west.
Latitude & Equator
Latitude lines are also known as parallels.
Latitude lines go east to west but measure north to south.
The Latitude line that measures zero degrees is called the Equator.
This Prezi was created and presented by Elizabeth M. and Lily K.
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