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French Revolution-- Short Story

No description

Heidi Stiening

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of French Revolution-- Short Story

Estates-General I am going to tell you a story about a very difficult time period in French history known as the French Revolution. Once upon a time, there was horrible debt in France, so Louis XVI called for the Estates-General. Estates-General was about France being split into three different “groups”. The first group was made up of the Roman Catholic clergy. The second group was for the nobility. And the final group represented everyone else in the french kingdom. Estates-General ended up not working out because of problems with voting. The Directory After the Reign of Terror ended France was ruled by a group of men known as the Directory. They ruled France until a man named Napoleon Bonaparte overthrew their government and started his own. Napoleon had started a consulate government. He wanted to build France into a strong empire. Napoleon had eventually taken over all of the european continent, except for Great Britian. France did not end up becoming a mighty empire. By Heidi Stiening The French Revolution Tennis Court Oath Because things didn’t go well at the Estates General, and the members of the third estate were “locked out” of the proceedings, they met in a court yard at the Palace of Versailles known as the Tennis Court. The Tennis Court Oath said that the people of the third estate would fast until France had a written constitution. Attck of Bastille After the Oath was taken at the Tennis Court at Versailles events moved rapidly. The people of Paris attacked a prison called the Bastille. The attack happened on July 14, 1789. The people of France attacked Bastille because they were against the injustices of the ancien régime. This marked the beginning of the French Revolution. Reign of Terror Once the Bastille had been captured the situation in Paris became dangerous. A Reign of Terror began. The Reign of Terror was time period in which many people where killed. These people were killed because they did not believe in revolutionizing France. A lot of these people were killed happened to be nobels and priests. All of these people were executed by decapitation. The End I hope I have been able to help you learn about the French Revolution. I enjoyed sharing this story with you.
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