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Ana Mikarovska

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of GREENPEACE

BY: Ana, Sara, Jagmit
In 1971, the Americans were doing nuclear testing in Alaska
A small group of activists from Vancouver decided to sail by boat to Alaska in protest
Bill Darnell came up with the name Greenpeace
Held a concert with Joni Mitchell and James Taylor and raised $23,000 for the trip
Their boat got intercepted by the U.S. navy, but Greenpeace stopped the American's plans
Today Greenpeace is one of the world’s biggest environmental organizations
It has offices in 40 countries and 2.9 million members worldwide
Greenpeace works to encourage people worldwide and to expose the environmental issues the world is facing; tries to persuade people to protect and help the environment

Greenpeace exists because this fragile Earth deserves a voice
It needs solutions
It needs change
It needs action

Impact of Organization on World Community:

In 40 years, Greenpeace has grown and accomplished much around the world
It affected a positive change by using peaceful protest to stop global problems
Worldwide accomplishments include stopping nuclear testing, protecting Antarctica, and banning commercial whaling
Currently working to address global warming, destruction of ancient forests, deterioration oceans, and threat of nuclear disasters
Continues to work to protect mother Earth and make the world a better place
Canada's Involvement:
Thanks for watching
Assessment of Effectiveness of Canada’s Involvement:
Canadians have made a huge difference in the world as the ones who started Greenpeace originally
Brought light to the nuclear testing issue
Started peacefully protesting to protect the environment
Showed the power of activists’ united voice
Helped solve environmental issues and bring positive change in Canada and around the world
Successes: truce with the logging industry to end destruction of Canada’s Boreal Forest and lobbying the Canadian government to stop supporting tar sands and invest in green energy instead
Greenpeace relies on donations from individual supporters and foundations
All major donations are screened for unwanted donations from government or political parties to avoid influence and ensure independence
These organizations could put terms and restrictions on their donations
Funding goes to campaigns, such as climate & energy, forests, oceans, sustainable agriculture, toxics, media & communications, marine operations and action support
Some funding is lost due to foreign exchange loss
Greenpeace originated in Vancouver in 1971
Canada has helped Greenpeace by getting involved in high-profile actions to discuss environmental problems with the public
By giving donations, and becoming member of Greenpeace
Canada has raised $9 million in membership fees, donations, and sale of promotional items alone
Looking 10 more years down the road you can say they are not going anywhere anytime soon. This organization will likely still exist because every day it is getting bigger and bigger. Over the years, they have faced jail, physical threats and political persecution. Their mandate will likely stay the same because they are still doing today what they were today 40 years ago which is giving our fragile earth a voice. Changing it and acting on our plans to improve it as it is deteriorating due to our carelessness.
Role of Organization in the Future

Greenpeace has done much to help the global environmental problems.
At the start Greenpeace was just stopping nuclear bombs in Alaska then gradually became a larger organization with helping the world by their devoted activists and supporters working together to protect Antarctica, ban the slaughter of whales, convincing world leaders to stop the nuclear bombings, and much more.
Greenpeace now has offices in more than 30 different countries
Greenpeace has had only one goal from the start and that is to fight to save the planet from threats to the environment.

Assessment of Effectiveness of Organization
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