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There's an API for That

An Open Data Manifesto for Cal

George Atala

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of There's an API for That

A smarter alternative:
unlock parking data Someone noticed that L.A. has a parking problem It turns out that 30% of traffic in downtown L.A. is people looking for parking. Traditional Solutions might work...
More parking garages
More roads
More transit
More regulations
...etc. Data access was possible
via a simple API Data openness enables innovation
to be Crowd-Sourced And that creates
new business capabilities So drivers can find parking, FAST True story... iPhone App: $Free leverages existing city data 30% road capacity in L.A.: Priceless Streetline Parker FBI & CIA too? The Feds are moving aggressively towards Open Government and Open Data Source: whitehouse.gov/open Thousands of developers have built apps using government APIs Source: challenge.gov {Mega crowd-sourcing} Data openness is about dropping obstacles,
not removing security The new ScheduleBuilder (Powered by Ninja Courses) Got users' attention, and they asked for more Class Reviews Maps, Locations, Distances Google Calendar Reminders Social Networks Textbooks Grade Distribution Mobile App Enrollment Add & Drop Degree Planning Syllabus Raw Data Cloud Apps Cloud Platforms Not to forget: The Screen-scraping API APIs & Web Services API Management Integration Infrastructure (back door to open data) There's an API for That! UC Berkeley APIs have become integral to our
technology ecosystem Every new campus software is impacted True story If you build an app If it's any good If people use it You'll be hit with...
Non-stop feature requests Too much to keep up with Users will build their own extensions anyway And crowd-source the work:
far more powerful
way cheaper
sustainable But who lets the crowd take such control? Who doesn't?! What now? Take an API, Add an API: developer.berkeley.edu Join the meetups & online forum: bit.ly/apis-for-cal Requests & feedback: ideas.berkeley.edu $10 billion annual cost of congestion in L.A.
Source: TTI Let's build a 'Night Out Planner' Review restaurants
Make reservations
Buy theater tickets
Book a cab
Check weather, safety... We might as well be partners:
Launch an API The public API doesn't change with implementation Internal system APIs Manage transactions
& complex processes Ready-to-play mashup(s)
(all complexity handled below) Awesome apps Many services in one UI... (A little mashup can do it) Open Dataaaa!!!! > An open data manifesto < Which is the whole idea: But wait... They managed to steal data from my secure vault What will happen when it's all "open"? A similar campus use case -> Student signs up for a class
-> Pays fees
-> Adds class events to calendar
-> Buys textbooks One transaction;
1/2 dozen systems George Atala Bearfacts Admissions IdM Student Conduct ClassSchedule Course Catalog See this Prezi again: bit.ly/theres-an-api-for-that Keep the data open Here's an example... Getting the data out of SQL: weeks, or restricted Screenscraping: yikes API: 53 seconds (frictionless data) CXF The Programmable Web has seen
an explosion of APIs: the number doubled in 2012 The campus is catching up rapidly -> More API-based systems -> Full acceptance of the Cloud -> Data owners eager to
leverage the potential of information assets Source: apievangelist.com That is: an API is not a technology solution, it's a business strategy Demo / Questions Great API resources: apigee.com/providers & programmableweb.com
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