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Salat al Jamaah

No description

Sabira Mawji

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of Salat al Jamaah

Salat al Jamaah
Jumu'ah Namaaz and the two EID Salah are wajib

Mustahab salah can NEVER be done in Jamaah
Limitless REWARD

2 = 150
3 = 600
4 = 1200
5 = 2400

Doubles until 10 people join = 72,800
Leader = Imam
Follower = Ma'mum

No FULL obstruction is allowed in between

Women NEVER stand in front of men
Except in Hajj

Imam stands in the front.

If two people are praying, 2nd stands on RIGHT

Women stand on both sides

Imam in the middle
Respect the old by not reciting too long
Recite loud enough
Imam prolong the ruku if someone wants to join
Stand when qad qamatis salah
Make a new row when there is space
Recite louder than the Imam
Traveler to lead is praying Qasr
Imam recites surahs loudly
Not in Zhur / Asr

Loud = Jahriya
Softly= Ikhfatiya

Never recite surahs in jumu'ah
Can recite tasbeeh

Recite everything else softly

Follow the Leader
Stay one step behind

Namaaz is batil if goes ahead

If you accidentally go before, you must wait for the Imam to get to that step
Adil (someone who is just)
Knows rules
Only a man can lead for mix
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