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Clint Eastwood Textual Analysis

No description

Kelsey Goldstein

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Clint Eastwood Textual Analysis

Clint Eastwood Textual Analysis
seems to set up binary opposition between the band (good) and gorillas (bad)
Linear narrative of the band trying to defeat the gorillas
Binary opposition between the force that takes over Russel and the band, like he's trying to destroy them
Binary opposition between the real animal gorillas and the band human version
intertexuality seen through the use of gorillas dancing -Micheal Jackson, Thriller music video, hands coming through the ground, grave yard setting
creates parody, hands grabbing the crotch of Murdoc creating amusement
Bricolage - no connection between the majority of the music video e.g. grave yard, giant blue Russel, blue gorillas
hyper-reality created, different 'underground' or 'demon' world, animated characters
mixtures between rock and hip-hop with rapping from Russel (hybridity)
conventions of rock genre e.g. grunge look and messy hair, dark clothing, shadows and dark lighting
conventions of the hip-hop genre; caps, chains, baggy jeans, confrontational mode of address
can see references to zombie genre
Gender/Age Representation
Noodle challenges stereotypes of females, saves males by defeating the animals, also challenges that females are weak and passive
Noddle also is the youngest band member and protects the older males, challenges stereotypes that children are weak/vulnerable
negative representations black people as a social threat = Russel, large and strong, low camera angles, criminality (taking over and threatening band), also more of a background character
white front men
noodle is japanese, stereotyped with martial arts etc, uses these skills to defeat gorillaz
challenges white hegemony as Russel is in charge and the white people are inferior for a duration
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