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World War Z Book project

Wrold war z cale esbensen

Cale Esbensen

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of World War Z Book project

Wold War Z
Cale Esbensen Book: World War Z
Author: Max Brooks Summary: This book recounts the many stories
of people during the World's War With Zombies.
Stories fly from the U.S to Brazil, From China, to Antarctica etc. All the stories ranging from children to government officials. As they are told, they give background on how it started how it was fought and to the present effect. These stories give intel on the gruesome and desperate fight everyone was fighting all over the world. Theme 1: Fear/ suffering

The reason I chose this theme was purley for what the word means. The book portrayed a very realistic look of how people would see a seamingly unstoppable force of reanimated corpses. In every story there was some loss and fear expressed from being over powered by a new enemy they didn't understand. Theme 11: Survivalism
This is a very prevalent theme in the book. In many interviews, people demonstrated the physical and mental requirments for surviving the zombie scourge. The survival tactics could range to any type of person in society. The CEO of the company could be less prepared than the janitor who cleans his office. There were also survival tactics that only benefited one group in cases of needing to protect the people you care about, you have to sacrifice the survival of someone else. Character profiling
(this ones tuff , because this book tells of
many diffeent stories and theres only one simialr character in
the whole book.) Character 1
Name:Max Brooks Agent for the United Nations Postwar Commision.
Interviewing many people in present day about their
survival during World War Z. He has interviews with
citizens, soldiers from many nations, and even children.
He's respectfull of others situation during the war and
asks questions in the best manner of who hes speaking to. Character 11
Sharon Shes a suvivor of the zombie war. A teenage girl who has been tramatized heavily by the war. She has been at a mental hospital for ten to eleven years and was released for the interview when considered stable. But her mind has been reduced to that of a four year old girls. She describes a natural massacre of a small towns demise; in the most childish way. She gives incite on natural death of citizens, like how shes the only survivor of the attack on a held up church. Character 111
Jurgen Warmbrunn
A scientist in anatomy of special surgeries. He appears twice explaining the structure and endurance of the undead. First he shows how zombies spread by the illegal and legal trade of infected organs for transplant. Then he explains the anatomy of the zombies how even though they dont need air or have any effect to pain or heat or cold, they're brain is still the dead point. Setting Picture This setting represents te state of the western side of the United
States torn apart by war. This side of the U.S was most
effected by infected hordes that it took the longest to reclaim after the war.
So it layed in ruins for about 7 years. Significant Event 1 pg. 5
The first story which shows how the zombie horde first came to being.
Its not known where the infection actually came from, but the first person infected was a
little boy in china with a bite mark on his forarm. He was no older than 6 years old. His skin turned grey, his wounds oozed black fluid and he ravaged like a rabies infested dog. The child was chained up until they held him down to give him something to stabilize his heart rate, but one of those holding him down was bitten and thats how it spread even further.
Significant Event 11 pg 21
This is when the explanation of how it spread came about. A doctor in Brazil was doing a heart transplant on a man. The man turned zombie in less than an hour after surgerie. He bit one doctor, and the doctor who performed the surgerie killed them both. Then he explained the thought of how many transplanted organs are imported and implanted everyday. The zombie outbreak would pop up everywhere.
Significant event 111 pg 128
A military refuge move was being enitiated. The refuges were crossing a bridge which was then going to be blown up so zombies couldn't pass through. The fact that the infection had to be contained was a hard one to enforce. The military couldn't just go scanning through thousands of survivors looking for bite marks. Then the military jets were coming in and a soldier who was in a tank thought they were going to blow up the bridge with the refuges on it. But it was a gas that killed everyone who breathed it in and this was to root out those who hides there zombie scars, by killing everyone, and whoever rises will fall again. This event showed a military pursuit at the zombis outbreaks. There were many differetn spots that showed this, but this story showed how far the military would go to stop this infection. another song/music: Pusher
its not a regular song. Its immediate music(trailer music)
This is the theme used in the Transformers 3 trailer and
I think this one fits well with the book, because it gives the sense "loss of hope," and struggle. Which are the main basis of many peoples thoughts in the mid-war session. Personal thoughts

Zombies are a interesting topic for a lot of people, and to me it was the same.
I really liked this book, because it gave a zombie scenario like no other movie or book. This one was real. The book included all aspects that would be involved like government, origin, and state of being. There was no secret government plot or mad scientist weapon. We were left in mystery at the start of the book and thats what made me want to know more. Another aspect was the detail and no censorship. The gore and realistic occurences were very discriptive. It won't be that someone sacrifices their life to save the day, or a hero comes out with a big gun to save everyone. The laws of death applied to everyone, no actual main character made it so the manipulation of the characters in the stories were limitless. I see it as a good book to read, especially if you want to get away from corny, obvious stories. Plus movie production of this book just started with Brad Pitt as leading role....so that will be interesting how they play this book out. THE END
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