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Law/E 180 Rules of Evidence

No description

Garrett Gilmore

on 14 March 2012

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Transcript of Law/E 180 Rules of Evidence

Admissible Evidence
Evidence that is allowed under the rules
Inadmissible Evidence
Evidence that is not allowed under the rules
Types of Inadmissible Evidence
Substantive Objections (Content of evidence is inadmissible)

Improper Character Evidence
Speculation / Lack of Personal Knowledge
Improper Lay Opinion
Nonsubstantive Objections (Question is improperly asked, in most cases the attorney will be permitted to rephrase the question)

Leading Questions (direct examination only)
Compound (asking two questions in one)
Calls for Narrative
Asked and Answered
Assumes Facts Not in Evidence
Nonresponsive (cross examination only)
Making Objections
"Objection your Honor,"
Stand up (Jump up)
State the objections
Opposing counsel rebuts the objection
Judge rules on the objection
"Objection Sustained"
Lawyer must then rephrase the question
or move thier next question
"Objection Overruled"
Lawyer can proceed with the question
Admissibility of Evidence
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