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Black Bart (Bartholomew Roberts

No description


on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Black Bart (Bartholomew Roberts

Black Bart (Bartholomew Roberts)
Birth: May 17 , 1682 Death: February 10 1722
Real Name: John Roberts

Life As A Pirate
Father: George Roberts
Barholomew went to sea at 13 in 1695. There was no further record of him till 1718. In 1719 he was the third mate of the captain of the slave ship Princess. He was captured along with the ship. The ships that captured the ship was Royal Rover and Royal James. There captain was Howell Davis. When he was forced to be a pirate of Davis's Davis found how talented of a navigator he was. When Royal James was badly damaged it was abandoned. Davis with one ship fled to the British owned island of Principe. When the pirates were figured out Davis was killed.
Life As A Pirate:2
With Davis dead his crew fled the island. With Davis gone his second mate took over, but was challenged by Roberts. Roberts won and took control.
Life As A Pirate:3
Roberts now being the captain went back to Principe to avenge the former captain. Roberts and his sprang up on the island at night. They killed over half the male population and stole any items of value they could carry. A day later they captured Swedish Guineaman. Also a day after that they captured the British ship Experiment.
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