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Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children - Jacobs's Journey (English Essay)

For my Grade 10 English ISU. This Presentation is a book review / summary on the novel by Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. It basically tells the main character, Jacob, and his journey throughout the story.

Jodie Ferrando

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children - Jacobs's Journey (English Essay)

And introducing the new release of Ransom Rigg's Sequel to
Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children:
"A tense, moving, and wondrously strange first novel. The photographs and text work brilliantly together to create an unforgettable story."
- John Green, New York Times bestselling author of Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska
This presentation is about
The #1 New York Times Best Seller

Miss Peregrine's Home For

The truth is
like a lion. You don't have to defend it,
just let it loose and it will defend itself in it's own way.

As our story begins, a horrific family tragedy sets sixteen-year-old Jacob Portman journeying to a remote island off the coast of Wales, where he discovers the crumbling ruins of
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.
As Jacob explores its abandoned bedrooms and hallways, it becomes clear that the children were more than just peculiar, but dangerous. And somehow, impossible though it seems, they may
still be alive

After discovering that they are still alive, Jacob comes to learn who they truly are, and what they are truly capable of.

Now, Jacob
must decide
on whether to stay in his own time and be with his family, or stay and be with the peculiar children who he has now come to
and must
them from the dangers coming after them.

For it is in his peculiarity that defines him to do so.
There is always a conflict on whether to tell the truth or keep it a secret for they are scared that when they choose, something bad will happen which will make them regret what they chose.
Making decisions are tough but choosing to protect between your loved ones is even harder. Jacob eventually chooses what to do after going through his journey of discovering who the peculiar children really are, learning the truth about their world, and building up the strength to protect his friends and family from the dangers hidden in the shadows.
------------------------Jacob Portman--------------------------
All of a sudden I felt my chest clench up.
"Will I ever be safe anywhere?" I asked her.
Miss Peregrine touched my shoulder."You're safe here," she said. "And you may live with us as long as you like." I tried to speak, but all that came out was little stutters, "But I-I can't-my parents."
"They may love you," she whispered, "but they'll never understand."
How far would people go to protect the ones they love?
Jacob goes beyond his
limits to protect the peculiar children.
Miss Peregrine is the headmistress of the home for the peculiar children, a group of
extra ordinary people

frozen in time
with special abilities that would
and and
Jacob finds the home and finds himself in a different world, where he becomes apart of this wonderful family ...
"We peculiars are blessed with skills that common people lack, as infinite in combination and variety as others are in pigmentation of their skin or the the appearance of their facial features. That said, some skills are common, like reading thoughts, and others are rare, such as the way I can manipulate time." (p.155)
"We who can manipulate time fields consciously-and not only for ourselves, but for others-are known as ymbrynes. We create temperal loops in which peculiar folk can live indefinitely. Over and over, though our experiences of it is continuous." (p.155)
Miss Peregrine explaining how her kind can create
time loops
She was dressed head to toe in black, her hair pinned in a perfectly round knot atop her head, with lace gloves and a high-collared blouse fastened tightly at her throat - as fastidiously neat as the house itself. (pg.146)
"They cannot linger in your world, Mr.Portman, because in a short time they would grow old and die in a matter of hours....
It may appear to you that we've found a way to cheat death, but it's an illusion. If the children loiter too long on your side of the loop, all the many years from which they have abstained will descend upon them at once, in a matter of hours." (pg 210)
The girl on the left of this picture, is Charlotte. In it, she is a grown woman in little girl's clothing. One day Miss Peregrine was going to visit one of her sister ymbrymes, and during that brief time Charlotte managed to evade the older children who were minding her and wander out of the loop. It was 1985 or '86 at that time. Charlotte was roaming around the village by herself when she was discovered by a constable. When she couldn't explain who she was or where she'd come from-the poor girl was shipped off to a child welfare agency on the mainland. It was two days before Miss Peregrine could reach her, and by that time she'd aged thirty-five years. She was never the same after that,
not right in the head.
The Story of Charlotte
Miss Peregrine explaining to Jacob how if the children were to wonder outside the loop for enough time they will start to grow older and wither.
In her hands she held
a flickering light
, which wasn't a lantern or a candle but seemed to be a ball of
raw flame
, attended by nothing more than her bare skin. (pg. 121)
A leg of goose was set before her. She turned around in her chair, and gripping its arms she bent over backward, dipping the back of her head to the plate. I heard a distinct smacking sound, and when she lifted her head again a giant bite had disappeared from the goose leg. (pg.166-167)
: a picture for her daintily pretty face
: another for the curls that thoroughly masked her second mouth.
Bronwyn Bruntley
Then I felt the hull vibrate against my feet, and a moment later Bronwyn surfaced holding a rectangular piece of metal about six feet by four, with a riveted round hole on top. She had wrenched the cargo hold's door from its hinges. Bronwyn guided us carefully onto open water, always keeping the massive door held out in front of us as a shield to protect us from the monsters on the other side. (pg. 318-319)
Brownyn dressed in ladies clothing she despises for the play called 'The Amazing Strong-Girl Of Swansea!' (pg.187-188)
Victor Bruntley
Victor, lifting a boulder (pg.18)
Victor is a strongarm peculiar child, like his sister Bronwyn, but was killed by an unknown reason.
He is dead in his own bed until
brings him back to life occasionally.
In the picture he'd been
in bed, just as he was now (pg. 219-220)
Enoch O'Connor
He spoke with a slight cockney accent. Cadaverous black circles ringed his eyes like a raccoon, and his overalls were streaked with clay and dirt. (pg.214)
A peculiar child that can bring the dead or inanimate to life. He uses hearts especially to take the life of one thing and give it to another.
I remembered something Grandpa Portman had said about a boy he'd known here in the children's home-a boy with bees living inside him.
Some would fly out every time he opened his mouth
, he had said,
but they never stung unless Hugh wanted them to.
(pg. 114)
See Hugh demonstrate his peculiar abilities in
Hollow City Book Trailer 2
**In the video, you see Hugh in a field looking forward at the small town of Cairnholm Island, where Jacob's journey starts.
a peculiar child that is completely invisible; He enjoys spying on people while nude and keeps track of everything that happens in the loop.
"In fact, I am in the midst of compiling the world's first complete account of one day in the life of a town, as experienced by everyone in it. Every action, every conversation, every sound made by each of the one hundred fifty-nine human and three hundred thirty-two animal residents of Cairnholm, minute by minute, sunup to sundown."
~Millard To Jacob
So now you may wonder how long have they been there?
Millard is 87 years old.
"Sometimes we'll play 'Jill of the Beanstalk'. Someone will grab hold of one of the saplings at the edge of the woods and we'll see how high Fiona can get it to go while we're riding it."
~Emma telling Jacob about their games
Fiona can grow/control plants and vegetation with her hands.
(pg. 216)
Miss Peregrine answering Jacob's question "People like yourself?"
"Yes, I admit I am a follower of fashion."
~Horace to Jacob (pg.194)
Horace is 83 years old, and his dreams are visions of the future, though he only remembers the important ones.
She can
, and she is so light that she has to wear iron shoes or have a rope tied around her so she won't float away. Her picture appears on the cover of the book. Olive is 75 years old.
Jacob grew up listening to his grandfather's tales of growing up in the home, with pictures to authenticate. When Jacob finds his grandfather badly injured and dying in the woods, he tells Jacob to go to the island, and that's where the journey begins...
Miss Peregrine's home is in the loop of September 3, 1940. A loop is an occurrence which only a ymbryne can conduct where a past date (such as September 3, 1940) exists and repeats over and over, though the experience of it by those who are Peculiar differentiates.

Only Peculiars
can pass through it...
Like the date changes with midnight, Miss Peregrine's loop is reset with the changeover. Specifically, every changeover is the bombing of Cairnholm on September 3rd, 1940. Once the changeover occurs, the loop is reset.
When it resets, the tunnel fills with the most terrific glow. (pg.161-162)
"I'd seen of it in Miss Peregrine's album had been labeled
Our beautiful display
. And in its own morbid way, I suppose it was." ~Jacob (pg.172-173)
(present time)
September 3rd, 1940
Jacob goes against Miss Peregrine's word and leaves their world to protect them by fighting the monsters that want to find them and hurt them.
and discovers he has a peculiar ability as well.
These monsters, also known as wights, can only be seen by a peculiar with the gift of sight of the monsters. No human nor peculiar can see them, and they cannot enter time loops.

Jacob's grandfather
could see the wights and the reason he left the home was to kill them during WW2. After the war, he had a family of his own and could not come back to the peculiar children...

The reason of Grandpa Portman's death was because of these creatures. They're reason of existence is to hunt down, kill peculiars, and steal their power.

Peculiar gifts skip generations, that's why Jacob has the gift, not his father. Now that Jacob realizes his peculiarity, he must decide on what do with it.
This picture was drawn by a police officer, as Jacob describes what he looked like, the creature that killed Grandpa Portman.
"This wight was discovered working in an American department store at Christmas. He was able to interact with a great many children in a remarkably short time-touching them, interrogating them-screening for signs of peculiarity." (pg.261)
Miss Peregrine showing Jacob pictures of wights disguising them as everyday people. Their eyes glowed with white, so now they are accustom to wearing dark glasses.
"This wight worked as an oral surgeon. it wouldn't surprise me to learn that the skull he's posing with belonged to one of his peculiar victims." (pg. 261)
Golan is a wight that has apparently been watching Jacob for most of his life. He played many people Jacob could recognize, but never really knew, giving the wight a perfect role to play to watch him at a good distance,

-Mr.Barron : Jacob's mean elementary school bus driver for many years.

-Jacobs family pool cleaner

-Dr.Golan : a psychiatrist whom Jacob told all of the things he has been seeing, basically telling his whole life story to him

"This is Marcie. She left us thirty years ago to live with a common family in the countryside. I pleaded with her to stay, but she was determined. Not long after, she was snatched by a wight as she waited for the school bus."

Miss Peregrine showing Jacob a picture a wight took as it captured Marcie.
Wights are fond of dramatic gestures, and invariably leave behind taunting mementos.
"I was moved by this new idea of my grandfather, not as a paranoiac gun nut or a secretive philanderer or a man who wasn't there for his family, but as a wandering knight who risked his life for others, living out of cars and cheap motels, stalking lethal shadows, coming home shy a few bullets and marked with bruises he could never quite explain and nightmares he couldn't talk about. For his many sacrifices, he received only scorn and suspicion from those he loved.

~Jacob gazing at a picture of his grandfather
especially Emma.
I guess that's why he wrote so many letters to Emma and Miss Peregrine. They understood
Abe & Emma's Letters
Many were dated from the early 1940s, during Grandpa Portman's time in the army. Over time, his letters grew shorter and less frequent. By the 1950s there was maybe once a year. The last was dated in April 1963; inside the envelope was no letter, just a few pictures.
Grandpa Portman posing atop a with a cigarette dangling from his lips.

"Pfff-t. Remind you of anything? To my bombshell-love, Abe"
Two were of Emma, snapshots she'd sent him that he'd sent back.

The first was from early on-a jokey pose to answer his-of her peeling potatoes and pretending to smoke one of Miss Peregrine's pipes.

"Peeling spuds & dreaming of you. Come home soon. Love, your potato."
The next one sadder, I imagined she'd sent it after my grandfather had failed to write for a while.
"Feeling caged without you.
Won't you write? I worry
so. Kisses, Emma."
last letter
sent to Grandpa Portman
The last photo
-the last thing he'd ever sent her, in fact-showed my grandfather at middle age, holding a little girl." (pg.226)
-Jacob gazing at a photo of
Grandpa Portman holding
his Aunt Susie.
(pg. 226-231)
Jacob realized it was his Aunt Susie, and understood that his grandpa could never go back to this little island where his family were yearning for his return, because he made a family of his own. Grandpa Portman made many secrets about his peculiarity, his home in Cairnholm and his family. He made many secrets that in turn, could only choose to stay and never return to his beloved family and Emma.

This sacrifice was made in order for Grandpa Portman to make sure he can protect his family in the present world safe from the monsters, and to make sure he would not lead a monster to find the time loop to his peculiar family on the small island.
Entrance to Miss Peregrine's Time Loop to September 3rd, 1940 (pg.126)
A picture of Claire's head from behind, painted for the Circus Show the peculiar children set up. (pg.19)
A picture sent by the wight to tell Jacob to stay away or else the ymbrynes still alive will die (pg.310)
After killing the wight Golan that had abducted Miss Peregrine and her sister ymbryme, Jacob finally
made a decision.
"I came to the place where the path emerged from the woods. In one direction lay home and everything I knew, unmysterious and ordinary and safe.
Except it wasn't. Not really. Not any more. The monsters had murdered Grandpa Portman, and they had come after me. Sooner or later, they would again. Would I come home one day to find my dad bleeding to death on the floor? My mom? In the other direction, the children were gathering in excited little knots, plotting and planning, for the first time any of them could remember, for the future." (pg.342)
-Jacob going for a walk and watching the clear sky after all the explosion.
Olive as a little baby floating away for the first time. (pg.21)
Horace, having a dream of the future, and then screaming apocalyptic pronouncements (pg.273-275)
Somehow she'd gotten it into her head
That she could communicate with the dead
When one spoke to the other, no sound was heard
Could have whole conversations without saying a word
"She's meant to look natural, like a savage-type person. Jill of the Jungle, we called her."
-Emma explaining to Jacob about Fiona's costume for the play
Realizing his father was drunk when Jacob was trying to say goodbye to him with his friends, Emma writes a letter to him proving it was real what he saw the night he they said goodbye.
"I tried to explain everything. I wrote about the peculiar children and the hollows and how all of Grandpa Portman's stories had turned out to be true. I told him what had happened to Miss Peregrine and Miss Avocet and tried to make him understand why I had to go. I begged him not to worry."
~Jacob, as he writes a goodbye letter to his father (pg.343)
Jacob wanted to say goodbye in order for his father to let go of him easier then how hard he had to let go of his father (Grandpa Portman). He wanted to know his father was safe, and that he can make sure no harm will go to his family in the present world.

We grow up learning that telling the truth is good, and it's the right thing to do. But in some cases, it's better to keep the truth a secret. At least most of the truth, for the sake of Jacob and his dad.

I use to dream bout escaping my ordinary life
but my life was never ordinary
I had simply failed to

notice how
it was
." (pg. 351)

~Jacob, gazing at the first sunrise with the peculiars. It is September 4th, 1940, a day where they paddle their small boats to the mainland, to begin their

BOOK: Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
VIDEOS: Book's book trailers by Ransom Riggs
CHARACTER INFO: thepeculiarchildren.wikia.com
BATMAN STUFF: http://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/10-quotes-dark-knight-trilogy/
please leave prezi open for 5 minutes at most for presentation to be completely loaded,
While watching trailers, MUTE background music with the pause bottom at the bottom left corner of the screen, TURN back on when finished trailer (music repeats)
please view presentation full screen to read all text clearly
In the movie, Batman Begins, main character Bruce Wayne doubts himself and thinks what he's doing is not right. Then the love of his life, Rachel Dawes, says something that opens his eyes.
“It’s not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us.”
-Rachel Dawes to Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins
It speaks so directly to the dual-identity life that some people are faced with, and the struggle of whether or not to share their secret with those they love. Even though who we are underneath doesn’t directly define us, the internal conflict he faces directly inspires Batman’s actions, which are seen by all, like how Jacob's friends see how he makes his sacrifices during difficult times in his life.
: his physical state, which is weak due to starving himself during him being in a mental clinic for a couple of months after the loss of his grandfather.
: after losing everything, his love from his family, his best friend, and his grandfather especially, it's hard for him to accept the loss, and the trust from others who are starting to love him back, so all of these emotions for him are hard to bare.
**There's some extra photos I put in some parts of the prezi you probably didn't see. Feel free to look!
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