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Public Sharing of Third-Party Content on Facebook

What motivates people to share?

Sheng-Shun Lin

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Public Sharing of Third-Party Content on Facebook

Public Sharing of Third-Party Content on Facebook by Sheng-Shun Lin September 3rd, 2012 Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University Relevance of research topic Academic Relevance Managerial Relevance 5 Final Motives Open Conversations Ranking of Motives Identifying the motives Humor Altruism Expression of
Feelings Demographics Sharing Behavior on Facebook Sharing Behavior on Facebook Expression of
Feelings Altruism Humor Demographics Social
Identity Personal
Growth Personal
Aspirations Findings The Active Sharers the Dutch Achievers the Passive Sharers Extremely active on Facebook Great amount of friends Highly expressive Oldest Cluster Managerial Implications Academic Implications "Positive content" Target women Do not only focus on the Dutch Age > 25 Different perspective Motives do not apply in this context (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Sharing This is a huge mountain My research The active Facebook users May not be generalized Use of English Subjectivity issues Future Research Other motives Digging deeper
into emotions Different humor styles Use of other scales Focus on content Differences in communication Expand to other social networks Taps into a new research area Narrowcasting vs broadcasting A plethora of motives Social media/Facebook context Stimulation of sharing Better targeting 206 useful responses Not much sharing the non-Dutch share more People share most in the highest age category (>25) More friends = more sharing High Facebook usage leads to more sharing People share more when they have a long Facebook membership Only expression of feelings and demographics are significant Women are more expressive No generalization Subjectivity issues Use of English Tough matter Study may not be generalized the use of English Tough matter Subjectivity Thanks for your attention! Master Thesis Presentation Popularity assessment
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