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Copy of Unpacking EA 2.2: Producing a News Story

Unpacking the SpringBoard Embedded Assessment for Level One, Unit 2, EA 2

alicia duarte

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Unpacking EA 2.2: Producing a News Story

EA 2.2: Producing a TV News Story
Facts of the news story and interview texts skillfully include who, what, when, where, why, and how
The audience can easily figure out the importance of the message
The news story is organized to help move the story and show the purpose and focus in the best possible way
Story has an engaging intro
The story has significant facts to give detail from the story
The story has an interview connected to the reporter to make important ideas about change clear for the viewer
The story has reflective commentary about the big picture
The broadcast flows smoothly from intro to conclusion with transitions
Visual images clearly support the story
pages 180-190
Use of Language
Carefully selected words enhance the audience's understanding of the message
The news story includes an effective headline--it might even have alliteration!
Extensive evidence showing various stages of writing process
Understanding TV News
Go to page 138
Answer part 1
Share your answers with your shoulder partner
together answer part 2
Embedded Assessment 2 Unit 2
Read the assignment on page 180.
Underline the words that indicate what you are being asked to do (verbs)
For your Embedded Assessment to receive an exemplary, you must focus on:
use of language
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