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Rogue Res

Best practices for internet marketing

Emily Govier

on 12 April 2017

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Transcript of Rogue Res

trengths eakness
pportunities hreats
Ways to engage
Sell the Event
Rogue Resolutions Marketing Campaign
Attracts what
audience pool?
Prepare a marketing campaign to promote a high profile, inaugural conference aimed at early career neuroscience researchers.

Increase audience size: Raise profile
Increasing Income: Plant seeds
Increasing Loyalty: Create a legacy: Necessity vs Desire
Extending Reach: Establish and reaffirm credibility
Developing new audiences

Refine Target Audience
Gatekeepers/ Influencers



Your Contacts
Network of European Neuroscience Institutes: http://www.eni-net.org/

Neuroscientists and young researchers: www.cortexclub.com

European Dana Alliance for the Brain www.dana.org/About/EDAB/

Society for Neuroscience: http://www.sfn.org/news-and-calendar/news-and-calendar

Cambridge Society: @CamBrainCNS

Oxford Society: @OxNeuro

Neuroscience Researcher group (7,000 members)

Please go to:
eCommerce Conversion Funnel
Task Brief by Emily Govier
Summary - How all of this ties together

- Raise awareness of the conference
- Sell conference registration tickets (max 200 places)
- Ensure as many people as possible submit an abstract for a poster by the given deadline (3 months prior to conference)
- Ensure as many people as possible enter the Young Investigator Award and the Research Challenge by the given deadline (3 months prior to conference)

Please refer to handout
Budgetary Plan
Segmented- Informed by SWOT weaknesses and Key Strategies

Key Performance Indicators

Website hits
Social Media stats
Early Bird Ticket sales
Email campaign link clicks
Attendee Evaluations post conference

Winners of the Research Challenge & Young Investigator Award

Poster sessions – elected reps display research posters and give talk

Research match making session

Keynote speakers

Draw on gatekeepers previously worked with

You can be your own gatekeeper - New participants at current events


Pre-event page
Social Media Announcement
Blog Post- Mission Statement
Partner Outreach
Final Email Blast, social, Blog
Attendee Referrals
Influencer Outreach

Launch Email Campaign
Press Release
Event Launch
Blog and Social
Event Launch
Regular email, social, blogging
Guest Posts, Press releases
Early Bird Discount
Paid Promotion

Day- to- Day
Last Call
Partner with eg. www.brainpodcast.com for an engagement campaign, sponsor the episodes in exchange for promotion and full use of episodes in marketing campaign

The One Show http://marketing-sciences.com/sensory-show-bbc-one/

Science tv channel http://www.sciencechannel.com/

Budget Dependent Marketing

Competition contributions:
Personal invitation email campaign ie. past participants, known associates

Maximize on audience engagement through flyer handout at other events

Podcast engagement campaign:

High Profile Television Feature:
Medium Profile: Radio Features
Guest Talks/Webinars engagement campaign
Opening Questionnaire
Please ask if you would like any resources sent digitally

Thank you for listening
Please go to:
Raise Awareness
Sell Tickets (200 max)
Abstract Submissions for Poster Competition
Young Investigator Award
Research Challenge Competition
Website landing page , event listings, venue listings, geographical listings, fb event page
Start a hashtag to use across all copy (analyse www.keyhole.com)
"Name the conference"
"Vote for your competition winner" People's Choice Winner

Website infographic pop-up (subscribe)
‘How to be involved’ video
Design handout to give out at other events prior

Action contact lists
Mailchimp campaign
- previous participants offer 5% discount/
exclusive Early Open Doors

website, journals, society newsletters, online news blog platforms
Second blog focus : main benefits of attending, centres on the schedule. Rework content to create a series of social media infographics, gifs, article sharing
Partners marketing support- analyse marketing partnerships by using custom tracking links
countdown graphics, quizzes/polls, gifs, behind the scenes look eg. equipment we’ll be using pics

Early Bird Promotion, Small Group Discount, Be an Ambassador discount (greater discount for bringing a large society), Competition Submitter Discount, Educational Institution Discount

social media (promoted posts), Google Adwords, Display Ads,

- Limited spaces left graphic
- ‘social proof’ convince others they should be there too
- Direct calls to action

Give them something sharable!
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