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Clicue IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

on 24 August 2014

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Transcript of RootSecurityNigeriaLtd_brochure

RootSearch Security Nigeria Limited
Product Offerings
Private Eye / Surveillance
Our Aims
About Us

Established Processes & procedures for Development & delivery management and for Quality assurance and Control.

Provide a safe, motivational and inspiring environment for our staff, our clients and their staff.Provide a safe, motivational and inspiring environment for our staff, our clients and their staff.
Meet our promise to retain our integrity and honesty in dealing with our clients, our suppliers, our employees and the public.

Conceptualized and built a CRM Product (PACTUS) for Indian
Hi-tech, HVAC Retail Sales & Service Market. PACTUS currently
has about 150 Customers
Successfully implemented 60+ live projects with success rate of 100 %
All the projects were developed and delivered from our Delivery Center in Chennai, proving our 100% remote working model and delivery capability
Conceptualized and built a SaaS Product (Account Asset Management - AAM) in Salesforce.com Platform as well as a developer tool Dynamic Lookup. The products are currently available in Appexchange
Providing continuous service and Support for 20+ Clients across
the globe

Implementation partner for Chikpea
Data Integration implementation expertise

Insurance domain expertise
Domain expert - 25+ yrs in Insurance domain, Technology
Industry Certifications
Salesforce Developer Certifications –
.Net Certifications –
Physical Infrastructure

Air conditioned Office space with 2000 Sq ft to accommodate a size of 40 members
LAN & Internet facilities to all machines
Broadband Internet connections (with backup)
Office space partitioned for teams - Development, Admin and Management
Meeting rooms with Projector
Dedicated phone lines for Product support
UPS and invertors available for business continuity
Dedicated servers as backup for the project data
IT Infrastructure
Microsoft licenses for OS, Database, MSDN licenses, Visual Studio, VSS etc.
Third party licenses for Telerik, Syncfusion
Internal tools for Timesheet/ Task management
Internal tools for Skill evaluation
Internal tools for Performance load generation

O2B core
(Recurring billing Solution for Salesforce)
Product Offerings
( Salesforces Sales to Set up) Pactus CRM
Data Genie
Saas application offerings
AAM ( Application Asset Management CRM),

DLU ( Dynamic Lookup)
Partner Offerings
O2B core
( Recurring billing Solution for Salesforce)
To consistently provide superior security solutions using the most modern technology, well trained and motivated staff to make us the most sought after Security Company in Nigeria.
To remain the number one provider of professional security solutions in Nigeria, using competent personnel and superior resources.
Salesforce.com Technical and Functional expertise
Technical – 10 + yrs experience with Oracle, Database scripting & Tools, Salesforce.com
Technical Architect - 10 + yrs in cloud computing, Salesforce.com, Apex, Visual force
IT Services and Product Development
No matter how big or small the job is, RootSearch Security guarantee a high level of diligence in its approach to all work, in order to achieve a result for the client. Surveillance and observations are well-ˇused tools in the security industry for evidence/ intelligence gathering and prevention/ detection of crime and offenders. Surveillance can keep your business one step in front of your competitors and can also maintain a close eye on your workforce and sub contractors. Domestic surveillance can provide evidence required to assist clients and their legal cases where instigated.
We can provide all forms of surveillance, including conventional, rural and electronic surveillance and have dedicated surveillance teams, which are strategically placed in order to offer the very best of services to our clients. Our highly experienced surveillance operatives are selected from the military services with many years of experience; they utilize state of the art equipment and technology. These include sophisticated global tracking systems, high- powered photographic and covert video equipment.
Electronic surveillance, both audio and visual, can be a useful tool to monitor suspects and employees who are contravening company policy. It is often used to identify individuals acting corruptly or passing on company intelligence. Counter surveillance methods can be used to ensure that your company or employees are not the subjects of surveillance themselves.
RootSearch Security can provide private investigators, private detectives as well as security services for public, commercial and corporate clients. In addition, RootSearch Security can also provide private investigators and private detectives for cases, which potentially could result in criminal / civil proceedings. This includes, matrimonial or family disputes, unlawful insurance claims or legal matters surrounding employees.
In addition, RootSearch Security Nigeria Limited Investigation Department has extensive experience in carrying out international assignments. All staff, both male and female, are highly experienced, professional, and come from a military background. Whatever your circumstances, RootSearch Security will provide you with a discreet, professional, efficient and confidential service. We are flexible and competitively priced to suit all requirements and budgets.
Product Offerings
( Salesforces Sales to Set up) Pactus CRM
Data Genie
Saas application offerings
AAM ( Application Asset Management CRM)

DLU ( Dynamic Lookup)
Partner Offerings
O2B core
( Recurring billing Solution for Salesforce)
When organizing an event, an important factor is to ensure the safety of the invited people and their property. No matter what type of event our customers are organizing, RootSearch Security can provide trained security personnel who are reliable and experienced.
With over 40 years combined experience have made us masters in providing defect-free security solutions, tailor-made to suit the individual needs of businesses large and small. You can rely on us to plan your security arrangements meticulously and execute them with military precision. We offer a complete security management service, reporting directly to you with regular updates, reports and service evaluations. The service may include the planning, introduction and implementation of a completely new security solution designed specifically for you.

Alternatively it may include restructuring and updating an existing operation that is failing to meet your needs. With RootSearch Security Nigeria Limited you'll be secure in the knowledge that you made the right choice.
Michael A Temilade
Chief Executive Officer
RootSearch Security Nigeria Limited.
At RootSearch Security Nigeria Limited, we do everything needed to ensure the quality of protection you and your family receive is of the highest calibre. Background checks have become a routine but integral part of the recruitment and hiring process.
Employers use these checks to vet potential workers and to ensure that the information applicants provide is truthful. Background checks protect the interests of the organization and the safety of other employees. The majority of employers -- including small businesses -- are using background checks to ensure they make wise hiring decisions. Because we integrate all of our services, we're able to deduce the most accurate picture of what's happening in the life of the individual in question.
We at RootSearch go deep into the last 5 years of an individual weather it be a domestic staff or a professional. We send our trained psychologist and detectives to wherever it’s needed to confirm details and verify information that has been provided to us by our clients.
Prior to the commencement of any event, RootSearch Security team members will visit the prospective venue to undertake a FULL FREE security survey. All events security personnel communicate via two-way radio or its equivalent, so any minor issues can be dealt with in a fast and efficient manner causing minimal disruption of any event.
Our event Security Personnel can take on many roles such as:

• Ticket checking
• Personal check
• Crowd control
• Car parking and traffic management.

(Uniformed serving Armed Forces personnel available on request)
Data Gathering is important as it helps us to collect, study and record information, make decisions about important issues as well as to pass information on to others. It enables us to provide information regarding a specific topic or area of study. We at RootSearch Security Nigeria Limited, aim to amass one of the largest databases of its kind in Nigeria. This Data will be used in a variety of ways, which will ultimately protect citizens.
With our network of partner companies as well as government agencies, we aim to bring you the customer the most current and up to date information on an individual. We act in the fullest confidential remit possible and keep a small circle of people who have access to such sensitive material.
Using some of the world's finest Close Protection Officers, we are able to provide you and your staff with an individual or a team to safeguard life. RootSearch Security Nigeria Limited is recognized as a premier provider of top quality Personnel protection in conjunction with the provision of its security services. All of our operators have served in the Prestigious Nigerian Army or been trained by ex service men of the Nigerian Army.
RootSearch Security Nigeria Limited deploys either experienced individuals or bespoke experienced teams in support of specialist operations, on either long or short-term assignments. Our Teams have extensive experience in Supplying security services to Diplomats, High Net Worth Individuals, VIPs, corporate Clients and conglomerates.
CCTV / Alarm Installation & Maintenance
CCTV is widely recognized as one of the most effective means of both deterring and detecting crime. RootSearch Nigeria Security Limited offers affordable CCTV installation for business premises as well as the home environment. At RootSearch Nigeria Security Limited we believe in specifying and installing the best CCTV equipment available, at the best possible price for each client. We feel that this is critical in giving our client's the most long-term cost effective security solutions. We refuse to compromise our standards and our client's interests by using inappropriate or inferior equipment. The CCTV systems we install range from the single camera application to multiple cameras and multiple sites, which can be monitored and controlled from a single point.
Additionally, we offer other solutions such as a simple domestic CCTV and security lighting system, through to a simple networked camera that can connect to your broadband (and can be viewed from anywhere in the world and turn your home PC into a fully operational digital video recorder). RootSearch Nigeria Security Limited excels in the identification of appropriate CCTV systems and in offering installation at the right price, be it a simple home CCTV system to a fully operational digital CCTV system with fully functional speed domes that are used for both safety and security purposes.
Whatever your CCTV requirements, no matter how big or small, we are able to provide a CCTV solution for you no matter what budget. RootSearch Nigeria Security Limited prides itself on the service it provides. We consider this to be the most important part of our business. Our clients have come to expect a rapid, efficient response from well-ˇtrained and competent engineers. We offer a range of service agreement options and can look after the most complex of systems, including Intruder alarms and fire alarms, external alarms and all types of CCTV and Access Control Systems.
CASE STUDY A: We hired Rootsearch Security Last year to find out whether our driver who we hired from word of mouth did actually have the credentials he claimed to have and also to find out where him and he’s family are from. Rootsearch Security went as far as Togo to trace this individual’s family and also past employers and returned a full dossier with information we never expected. This company is very thorough and precise! They are run and organised like a western Company working out of West Africa. I would definitely recommend them and encourage people to use them.
Case Studies
CASE STUDY B: Rootsearch provided us with the topmost service for our wedding. They organised our security for our two days of celebration and they were faultless and extremely proffessional in carrying out their duties while being courteous to our guests. We already recommended them to 3 other couples who have also used them with equal success.
(Mrs Akomolede Lagos State)
CASE STUDY C: A client of our’s was running for office and had death threats leved against him, we heard of Rootsearch Security from a high placing lawyer in our camp and decided to give them a call. They organised two of their best agents to be in abuja in less than 24hrs after the initial call. Their professionalism was something that stood out most and their ability to blend in with the crowd as not to attract negative press nor to alarm the greeting public. Their private personal security (PPS) is of the highest calibre and would recommend them to any dignitary wanting protection without it being loud and noticeable.
(Head Security Camp X)
Invest in our future success in building a sustainable business with customer satisfaction, retain our proven reputation within the industry, this we believe is best served by measured competence and efficiency.
Provide a superior and innovative
level of security that fully satisfies the needs and aspirations of
our clients.
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