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Careers and Professionalism

No description

Douglas Lemire

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of Careers and Professionalism

Work Groups
Formal Work Groups-
divisions, departments, and work sections are examples. Each has a manager or supervisor in charge of the work of the group
Informal Work Groups-
develop for various reasons. Usually made up of people with similar interests. Can help and hurt the efforts of the business.
- a type of informal group consisting of two or more members of a formal group that set their own goals. They consider their goals more important.
Careers and Professionalism
Presenting a Professional Image
Image- how others perceive hospitality employees
Image is formed by our appearance, personality, and posture
Good grooming, a pleasant personality, and attention to posture make professionals stand out
Professionalism on the Job
Know what is expected of you on the job
Important to know why the organization exists, how you can contribute, how to display professionalism, safety and security
You can quickly learn how to display professionalism with the proper attitude and desire to learn
Standards of conduct: rules that outline what employees should and should not do on the job
Some conduct violations result in immediate dismissal (termination) while others result in a suspension or another punishment
No matter how well you do your job, issues may arise with co-workers
When problems arise: Don't accuse, Be specific, Don't make bigger issues
Get your problems out in the open
Be aware of your tone and body language when discussing problems
Employers expect you to follow a schedule, adjust to absences, follow the dress code, and keep personal life out of work
To be successful, teamwork is essential in the hospitality industry. Each person must work as part of a team. They work together to provide a positive experience for the guest
Important Aspects of Teamwork
Good Attitude
- the most important factor in teamwork. One's attitude affects both co-workers and guests
- it is critical to be willing to help one another
- when late to work or not showing up, you make everyone else work harder
- being able to trust and depend on your co-workers is imperative
Building a Foundation
Why do people go into the hospitality industry?
Industry offers a wide variety of career options
Work is varied and presents the opportunity to be creative
It is a people business
Opportunity to grow from within
What aspects of the hospitality industry do people not like?
Long hours and non-traditional schedules
Low starting salary
High pressure
Lodging Careers
The lodging career is often chosen by those who enjoy traveling and living in many areas. There are 2 primary types of hotels:
Chain Hotels- offer better training, more advancement opportunity, and better benefits. Examples-Hilton, Ramada, Hyatt
Independent Hotels- offer more creativity, more control, and better learning environments for entrepreneurs
Lodging careers offer numerous entry level positions
Food Service
Cruise Lines
Food Service
The two primary types of restaurants are Independent or Chain.
Luxury restaurants are sometimes called white tablecloth restaurants, or 5-star restaurants. These are usually independently owned.
Chain restaurants are fast growing, and do most of their hiring from hospitality schools.
Social catering is another food service job. Often they are started independently
Major Careers
Clubs and Cruise Lines
Clubs are different than many businesses because the members are also the owners in many cases
Clubs allow you to use imagination, be creative, plan events, and interact with people
Cruise Lines offer many of the same positions as in lodging by they are performed at sea
Be prepared to spend a great deal of time away from home
Finding a Career
Keep an open mind to a career option. You don't want to narrow your focus and overlook something that you may enjoy
Research potential employers
Each job you take should move you along your "career path" or "career ladder"
Ask yourself "How will this job contribute to my career goal?" "What's the reputation of the company?" "What's the salary?" "Where will I work?" "What benefits are offered?"
Getting the Job
Create a resume that you consistently update
A resume is an advertisement for yourself
Purpose is to convince the employer that you should be interviewed
Provides a summary of your education and experience
Know as much about the employer as possible before going on an interview
Dress for success
Opportunity to sell yourself in person
Sound positive and be remembered
Follow up with a thank you letter
Personal Grooming
Feel more confident
Make good impressions
Ensure healthy work environment
Represent well
Hair should be clean and attractive, kept off of your face, and be clean shaven
Be showered, wear deodorant, brush teeth, well blended makeup
Clothes pressed and clean
Hands and fingernails kept clean
Constantly wash your hands
Points for Professionalism
Rachelle is the front office manager at the Shady Palms Resort. She created a unique reward system for her front office staff. At the end of the month each employee adds up the points they earned for being professional, and can use those points toward a reward. Choices are:
50 pts or more earns a free night at the resort
45-49 pts earns a paid day off
35-44 pts earns a voucher for free dinner at High Tide Restaurant
25-34 pts earns a two hr paid lunch
20-24 pts earns a voucher for ice cream at Sanders Sundaes
Pts are awarded for the following:
10 pts for positive guest comment card
10 pts for each time Rachelle or her staff observe professionalism in action
7 pts if a fellow employee tells of your professionalism
7 pts for perfect attendance and punctuality for the month
5 points for wearing a neat and proper uniform each day
What's My Reward?
Nancy, a front desk representative wore a proper uniform each day, was observed by Treza twice displaying professionalism, and co-worker Paola told Treza of one of Nancy's acts of professionalism.
Ben, a bell attendant wore a proper uniform each day, had perfect attendance and punctuality, and received 3 positive guest comment cards.
Zaria a reservationist had perfect attendance and punctuality, was observed being professional by Jarelis 3 times, and Nani told Jarelis of one of Zarias acts of professionalism
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