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1D - Music project

No description

Emma Brandon

on 14 July 2013

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Transcript of 1D - Music project

One Direction have won many awards for their amazing talents. Some of those are...
Take Me Home
THE X FACTOR was where it all started for One Direction.
Each member auditioned
separately in 2009
Harry Styles (aged 16)
auditioned on the 11th April and sung
' Isn't she lovely - Stevie Wonder'
Louis Tomlinson (aged 18)
auditioned on the 15th April
with his cover of
' Hey There Delilah - PLAIN WHITE T''S
Niall Horan (aged 16)
auditioned on the 15th April singing
' So sick ~ Ne-Yo '
Zayn Malik (aged 17)
auditioned on July 27th and sung
' Let me love you - Mario '
Liam Payne (aged 16)
was the last to audition on 4th September
and amazed all the judges by singing
' Cry me a river - Micheal Buble'
At the bootcamp all 5 boys preformed again and the judges loved them.
However there was only 1 place left in the group & boys categories
But after the suggestion by guest judge Nicole Scherzinger
Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam & Zayn were put together as a band called 'One Direction'
One Direction sung an acoustic version of 'Torn' to their mentor Simon Cowell
One Direction quickly gained popularity during the live shows
They reached 3rd place in the final and their song 'Forever Young' was soon after leaked onto the internet.
Soon after Simon Cowell signed them to a
£2 milliom 'Syco Records' contract
2 BRIT Awards
One for best British single (What makes you beautiful) in 2012
And another one in 2013 for
BRITS Global Success
Best British single (One Thing)
Best Britsh music act
Best British album (Up all night)
2 Billboard awards for both of their albums
Harry Styles
Harry is from
Holmes Chapel, Cheshire
He used to be lead singer for the band 'White Eskimo'
Who once entered a Battle of the Bands competition, and won.
Harry says the The Beatles had an influence on him when he was growing up, because his dad often played their music.
Liam Payne

Liam auditioned for XFACTOR in 2008 when he was 14, however he only got to the judges houses where Simon Cowell told him to come back in 2 years
When he was younger,
he preformed in front of a crowd of 26,000 people at a 'Wolverhampton Wanderers' football match
Liam's biggest inspiration is Justin Timberlake
Harry Styles
Liam Payne
Louis Tomlinson
When Louis was 15 he had small parts in BBC's 'Waterloo Road'
He took part in many musical productions such as Grease, which motivated him to audition for the X FACTOR.
Louis' biggest influence and idol is Robbie Williams.
Louis Tomlinson
Niall Horan
Niall Horan
Niall is the only Irish member in the band
Niall's favorite genre's of music are: swing & rock
He's a big fan of
The Script & Bon Jovi
Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik
Zayn is from Bradford, West Yorkshire.
He like Urban, R&B and Rap music
He says Bruno Mars is his 'dream collaborator'
Up All Night
Where We Are
The Up All Night tour included 62 shows.
A DVD of the tour was made in May 2012
By August 2012 over a million copies had been sold worldwide
One Direction preformed:
59 shows in Europe
42 in North America
and 27 in Australia
One of these performances was at
Madison Square Gardens which sold out in minutes
The 2014 'Where We Are' tour recently was announced.
The tickets were put on sale
but all sold out only 2 hours later
Ed Sheeran will be joining them of stage,
as he was the writer of One Direction's hit single
'Little Things'
One Direction have been involved in many advertisements.
These thing include:
Their own perfume,
Wax figures at Madame Tussaud's
and A advert for Pepsi
This is One Direction's message to their fans about their new perfume 'Our Moment'
In 2013 One Direction wax figures were made and are now touring around London, New York & Sydney Madame Tussaud's
One Direction did the Pepsi advert
for American TV
starring Drew Brees.
On 29th August 2013
One Direction's movie
'This Is Us' in 3D
will be released in
cinemas worldwide.
By Hannah Wilson & Emma Brandon
Also 3 awards at the Teen Choice Awards
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