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Henry Hudson

No description

Madison Murphy

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson
First Voyage
In 1607, Henry Hudson set sail on his own ship, the Hopewell.
Second Voyage
In 1608, the Muscovy Company hired Hudson to find a northerly route to the Pacific Coast of Asia.

He set off on May 1st and arrived on June 14th on the east coast of Greenland.
Third Voyage
In 1609, Henry Hudson set sail on his third voyage.
By: Kaylee GIbson, Madison Murphy,
Zac Lay, & Shawn Harris
Early Life
Henry Hudson was born in the 16th century in 1565 in England.

He is thought to have spent years at sea being a cabin boy, but worked his way up to a ship captain.

Fourth Voyage
He attempted to find a passage to the Orient through the north across the pole.

The Dutch backed this expedition because the English wouldn't.
He explored the northeastern coast of America.
Henry Hudson set off on his fourth voyage in 1610.

He was supported by the English.

He sailed north of modern day Quebec.
No one knows what happened to Henry Hudson and his shipmates after his fourth voyage.

He was last seen on June 22, 1611.

Interesting Facts
In one of Henry Hudson's journal entries, he stated that his men saw a mermaid.

Henry Hudson got arrested for sailing under another nation's flag.

He only lived for about 40-46 years.
The Hudson Bay
Mini Biography
Interesting Facts Cont.
Henry Hudson's ships were the Discovery, Hopewell, and Half Moon.

No one is for sure of his birthday.

He was born into a wealthy family.
Picture of Henry Hudson:


Hudson River
Hudson Strait
First Voyage Cont.
When sailing from England to Greenland, he was forced to turn back because of bad weather.

He did make the discovery of pods of whales at Spitzbergen Island, which offered a significant opportunity to English sailors to make money.
Sources Cont.

The END!
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