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Cad Cam

No description

toby booker

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Cad Cam

by Toby Booker

1. Higher Productivity.

2. Reduced Design Time.

3. More Accurate Designs.

4. Repeatability.

Pros of CAD CAM
1. Computer technology is expensive to buy and to keep going.

2. Using computer technology requires a lot of training and experience.

3. There is a lack of opportunity to experiment with real materials.

4. It is easy to lose data if files are not regularly ‘backed up’.

Cons of CAD CAM
1. Industrial robots.

2. Textiles designs are stored electronically to ease repeat printing orders.

3. Processes such as colour matching, dye weighing and fabric printing can be automated.
Examples of CAM out side of school
Examples of CAD in school
1. Photoshop

2. 2D Design

3. Space Claim
Out of school
1.Landscape CAD software is used by landscape designers.

2. Architectural CAD software is used by architects and builders.
In school

1. Laser cutter
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