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Cassidy Knudsen

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Gothic

History Of Art (Time Period: Gothic (1100-1400) Europe
Gothic Era (1100-1400)
stained glass
architecture (Cathedrals)
By: Cassidy Knudsen
Jovan Lopez
Nicole Matos

JFK-Mrs. A-Intro to Visual Arts, Fall 2013
(Florence,Italy, 1267-1337)
religious paintings
revolutionized Western Art
genius of European painting
Slaughter of the Innocents (1304)
Giotto di Bondone
Padua, Italy
200cm x 185 cm
Oil on canvas
inspired by a story from the New Testament found in the Gospel of Matthew
King Herod in fear of being over thrown had all boy 2 and under killed.
beginning of Renaissance experimentation
most powerful effect gained from this painting is that from our point of view we seem to be standing in line with the women
John Ruskin rated this the weakest out of all Giotto's frescoes
often represents the moment right before the climax to engage our imaginations and keep our attention
Duccio di Buoninsegna
1255 - 1319; Siena, Italy
trained in the rigid Byzantine style of painting
known to add more life and emotion
most influential artists of his time
influenced the work of Simone Martini and Pietro Lorenzetti.
enclosed his figures within an architectural interior
drapes more flowing
Washing of the Feet (1311)
Duccio di Buoninsegna
whole altarpiece 5 x 5 meters
oil painting
Siena cathedral
Byzantine art
part of the Maestà Altarpiece
presents Jesus in his last communal act with his disciples before his betrayal.
based on the bible
Christ's position recalls Western models
He chooses to show us Lord's teaching of service and humility
Major Developments
1314 - 1317 AD Great European Famine (worst to strike Europe, resorted to eating dogs and cats.)
The cathedral at Chartres was built (1220, 94% of the stained glass is original, and it is the largest collection of medieval glass in the world.)
1168 AD Oxford Founded
1347 - 1353 AD The Black Death (worst natural disaster in history, blamed on the Jewish.)
1232 AD 1st Known Use Of Rockets (used by China in war)
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Lubbock, Jules. Storytelling in Christian Art from Giotto to Donatello. Print.
Artist: Duccio
7 X 13'
Commissioned by the Cathedral of Siena for the high altar
Duccio worked on it from 1308-1311
Artist: SImone Martini
Another piece of art commissioned for the high altar by the Cathedral of Siena
Tempera on a panel
23 1/8 in X 15 1/2 IN
When created, it was intended to be portable
one of the central elements of the high altar
survives with it's original frame, intact
Madonna and Child
Dutch Era
Similar to renaissance era.
Located: National Gallery, London
Dimensions: 2' 8" x 2' 0" (82 cm x 60 cm)
Made: 1434
Medium: Oil Paint
Arnolfini Protrait
Located: The Louvre
Dimensions: 24.41 inch wide x 25.98 inch high
Made: 1435
Medium: Oil Paint

The Virgin of Chancellor Rolin
Jan Van Eyck
Born: 1395
Died: 1441
Came from a family of painters
Pursued a career at two courts which gave him a high social stance ( unusual for a painter )
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