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Death Valley

No description

Katreise Aganon

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Death Valley

Death Valley
What type of biome is your ecosystem?
What type of food chain/ web does your ecosystem support?
death valley supports alot of animals for example
D.1 who are the consumers and decomposers in your ecosystem?
what are predators/prey in your ecosystems?
by Katreise, Hailee, Ethel,and Nicolla
In 1849 a party of pioneers were taking a shortcut to the goldfields of California and overstepped into the valley. The pioneers were desperate for water also, they too found salvation at furnace creek. In the 1870's the very first white settlers, Andrew Laswell and Cal Mowrey entered Death Valley. While they were there they looked carefully for water to grow crops and alfalfa for the booming towns inside the Panamint mountains to the west. After that they developed hay ranches at both Bennett's well and furnace creek. Andrew Laswell and Cal Mowrey were the first men to dig an irrigation to harness the water in the creek.
How has the ecosystem change over time?
Death Valley has changed over time
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