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Copy of MIS3381 - Case2

DP world

Liszttian Ji

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of MIS3381 - Case2

DP (Dubai Ports) World
Thank you for your attention!
- DP (Dubai Port) World is one of the leading terminal operators in the world.

- DP World has 50 terminals in 31 countries, and 11 new terminals are under development.

-Main business: shippers around the world
How did the Identec Solutions RFID-based technology help DP World increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its customers’ supply chain?
Describe two improvements that resulted from implementing the Identec RFID-based solution.
Case Summary
Question 1
Question 2
What managerial, organizational and technological challenges might DP world have faced in the early stages of the RFID project's deployment?
Question 4

1.Traffic congestion at port entry points due to paper-based logistics.
2.Rugged environmental conditions which required 99.5% of all tags of trucks be read successfully
3.Which led to lags in supply chains of customers
Challenges & Solutions
1. Introduced Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) reporting instead of paper-based logistics.
2. Introduced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to increase the efficiency of truck movements through port access gates.
3. DP World selected Identec Solutions RFID-based technology to faster access of its customers’’ supply chain.

1. Increase the productivity
2. Enhance the speed the entry and exit of trucks management (Reduce time congestion)
3. Improve customer satisfaction by enhancing customers’ supply chain
4. Increase revenues, cost savings
5. Tighten security by providing better accuracy and further optimizing supply chain flow
<Result of taking RFID technology>
1. Basically Identec Solutions RFID-based technology is wireless tracking system.

2. Trucks that visit a port terminal are equipped with active RFID tags supplied by Identec Solutions that are fixed on the rear chassis.

3. As truck moves towards gate, its unique ID number is read via an RFID reader automatically.

4. At the gate, Optical character recognition (OCR) system determines if the truck is loaded with a container and reads the truck license plate number as backup identification.

5. The system uses the supplied information to automatically issue a ticket to the driver.

6. The system can also automatically determine if the truck is on time

7. As the truck leaves the gate, RFID tag is read once again, and the driver receives a receipt for the completed transaction.
Question 3
How does the concept of supply chain execution relate to this interactive session?
SCM can be segregated into two categories representing the planning and execution components. The planning component is dominated by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
Supply Chain Execution (SCE)
= SCE systems focus on automating the processes and associated transactions within the order fulfillment cycle. These processes include:
RFID has enabled DP world to improve customer satisfaction :
by enhancing the efficiency of customer’s supply chains through smoother, faster, and more effective delivery of containers at terminal gates
by eliminating the lengthy paper transactions and manual inspections at gates
RFID helped DP world to improve security :
by providing better accuracy on inbound and outbound truck movements through the terminals
this is because the system can automatically check whether a truck has a booking and whether it is authorized to enter the port

RFID had enabled DP world to increase the productivity of containers handoffs :
By speeding up the entry and exist of trucks through terminal gatesReducing queues and congestion around the gates
Transportation management
production execution process can be related with the DP’s RFID tracking system and Identec Solution.
(Automated Gate System)

- Accurate, clearly transportation with much faster speed increasing customer satisfaction

- Increase the productivity of container handoffs, speed the entry and exit of trucks through terminal gates, and increase fuel efficiency

- Improve gate efficiency through improved truck management

IDNTEC Solution

- Enhance the efficiency of customers’ supply chains

- Eliminate the lengthy paper transactions and manual data input errors

- Save time, increase revenues and reduce costs.
-Electronic custom release of cargo,
-Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) reporting
-Two way digital radio communications
-“E-token” advanced booking system
Managerial and organizational
- Because of rugged environmental conditions at the ports, successful reading
of tags by vendors was difficult.

- Cost- the cost of supply chain infrastructure such as tags and readers,
IT system, organization change and system integration may be high.

- Data integration across multiple facilities

- Data security and privacy

- IT infrastructure-modifying existing business processes may have been a
daunting task for players e.g. suppliers and manufacturers in the supply chain
that usually entails changes in RFID technology
investment strategies (European commission, 2007).
Technological challenges
- Presence of metal objects and/or liquid containing objects.

- System failures-As with any distributed system, the RFID Ecosystem
faces the risk of node and network failures due to system updates,
network maintenance, software bugs (European commission, 2007).

- Product information maintenance -challenges for large scale
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