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Jamba Juice, the Totally Different

Consumer Behavior and Advertisement Project

Jeremy Kim

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Jamba Juice, the Totally Different

Jamba, the Totally Different ! In 1968s, In 1985s, In 2004s, ? Smoothie? No preservative

Natural Ingredient

Entertainment Jamba is Not Strong Yet The Competitor

Weak Brand Awarness Change !
Thinking Process of Korean Customers Weak Brand Awareness Non-Traditional Monopolized Competitor ! 50% In Official Homepage... Not well Organized Not enough Information Non-Traditional SNS Publice Relation Jamba Booth
Provide Experience
Direct Feedback social
Service Jamba Juice Who Do Not Know Lots of Potential ! Target Audience Female Office Worker between 20s - 30s

College Student in Their 20s Now, Objectives of IMC plan Increase Brand Awareness Unique Brand Image Sequential Approach to

40% Market Share : Direct Marketing Flagship Store Too High Counter

Only Two Rest Room

No Wifi-Zone

No Tissue Supplier in Store Heo, Ji-Hyun
Kim, Tae-Hwan
Lee, Dae-Hak
Park, Hee-Won
Park, Yoo-Hyun
Yoo, Soo-Kyung : Direct Marketing Flagship Store < Outside of store > Budget 10% of total sales Non-Traditional Store Entertainment Media Plan Theater Screen

Public Transportation

Radio Theater Screen Sales Promotion Not unique Sales Promotion PPL Product Placement According to own research Media Plan 1 Popular among 20s- 30s
90% of Visitors are watching
Metropolitan Area
Lotte cinema & CGV Not only selling Smoothie, But also Entertainment Public Transportation Media Plan 2 Radio Media Plan 3 Targets = Pod Cast & Internet Users

Future Customers = Teenagers " The Totally Different, Jamba Juice Wa Ham-GGe Ham-Ni-Dwa. " Cost Effective Media Plan

Expose to 20 Millions Limited Edition Sales Promotion Valentine's Day Christmas Premiums Sales Promotion Two cups of Seasonal Edition A pair of Gloves Weak... Bonus Pack Sales Promotion Plus 1 Television
Magazine Trendy,unique
Sales Promotion 5.6 Millions Among 10 Millions Quality? Taste? Ingredient? Jamba Juice : So What? How do We Approach ? Four Sequential Ads Jamba Juice : So What? Is it Impossible? Challenging? Jamba Juice,
The Totally Different
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