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How to make pasta like a professional pasta chef.

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Daniel Brennan

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of How to make pasta like a professional pasta chef.

Making Pasta:
An Instructional Guide

Begin by playing some nice music.
We must now heat the stove top to boil water.
Once the water is boiling you may add the pasta.
After cooking the pasta for an adequate amount of time take it out of the water.
You may now eat and enjoy your pasta!
Optional step:
Making the sauce

Here you can begin making the sauce. Cut some tomatoes, onions, garlic, and basil leaves. The tomatoes and onions should be roughly cubed, while the garlic and basil ought to be minced. Once cut, simmer all ingredients on the stove.
If no music can be found, some will be provided for you
Do be careful and don't burn yourself
You may add salt to your water for flavor
You may wish to break the pasta in half for a faster and more even cook
If you are lazy or "just not feeling it" you can open a jar of Ragu and heat it on the stove, you heathen you.
Here is a list of proper cook times by noodle firmness:
6 minutes: Al Dente
8 minutes: soft
10 minutes: mush*
*We recommend against cooking your beautiful pasta to mush.
Enjoy your spoils, friend!
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