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Our Innovation

There is no single recipe for innovation. This is ours (so far). It consists of a three-step endeavor; prepare an appropriate environment, open to contamination and start development mood. PS: Don't underestimate frugal innovation!

Luca Donelli

on 25 February 2018

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Transcript of Our Innovation

Our Innovation
Set the basis for an innovation oriented environment
Innovation in a brick & mortar medium enterprise
This is our recipe (so far)....
Realize you are already innovating!!!
Be open and facilitate contamination
Be inspired!!!
Failure is (sometimes) OK!!!
The Dabbawallas of Mumbai,
a model of managerial and
organizational simplicity
1 error every
16m deliveries
Be customer driven.....
Multiple helix model and
cluster magic
...and let them help you fulfill their needs
Be prepared to leverage an unexpected outcome...
don't underestimate frugal innovation!!!
I've already done that...
...in 1972...
...and it failed!
Share with your ecosystem
Foster development mood
Close competitive gaps...
Let creativity be pervasive....
..and fun!!!

Thank you!
For more information and details
Luca G. Donelli
+39 3286766850
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