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1st Yr CSPE Assignment

No description

Fergus Mc Brearty

on 13 February 2017

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Transcript of 1st Yr CSPE Assignment

Lesson One
Lesson Two
Lesson Four
Lesson Five
Lesson Seven
Endangered Animals/The Animal World
Lesson 8
Lesson 9
Lesson 12
Reflection on Action Project
Fergus Mc Brearty
CSPE Assessment:Presentation
Concept: Stewardship
Introduction to Stewardship
ALM's: Brainstorming/Discussion. Do/Don't
LO: Define Stewardship in their own words
Resource: Key Words, Word search
Pollution: Air, Land & Water
ALM: Brainstorm different ideas for a poster
LO: Describe different types of pollution
H.W: Complete poster at home
Foster an
for the environment.

Importance of taking action
for future generations.

"treat the earth well:it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children."

Key Word:
Lesson Three
Carbon Footprint
ALM: Questionnaire: How Environmentally Friendly are You?
Carbon Footprint Calculator
LO: Discover how environmentally friendly you are.
H.W: Try out questionnaire at home
Two ways you could improve your score.
Alternative Energy Resources
ALM: Pair Work/Group Work: Independent Reading then teaching, the Jigsaw method.
LO: Teach each other the different types of resources
H.W: Argument for & Against Nuclear Power
The Three R's: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
ALM: Group Work, Item of Rubbish
LO: Explain why its important to reduce, reuse & recycle
Resource: Match them up worksheet
Lesson Six
Climate Change
ALM: Video. Group Discussion
H.W: Fill in the blanks worksheet
LO: Compose a letter to Alan Kelly
ALM: Video, Debate: Its acceptable to use living animals for experiments?

LO: To argue their point for/against animal testing.

HW: Find out what they can about the local nature reserve.

Resource: YouTube Video.
Decision on Action Project
ALM: Video, Class vote on an Action Project.
LO: Choose a suitable action project
H.W: Find out about the tidy towns competition
Anti Litter Campaign
ALM: Class Brainstorm to develop a Questionnaire
LO: Compose a questionnaire
H.W: Work individually on their own parts
Group 1: Permission Committee

Group 2: Design Posters to create awareness

Group 3: Contact local county council for recycling bins & discuss with caretaker

Group 4: Compose a table of results for Questionnaire.

Group 5: Present findings to students at Lunchtime.
Group work
Lessons 10
Work on Action Project
ALM: Group Work on Action Project
LO: Collaborate together to organise Action Project
H.W: Work on their group work individually
ALM: Discussion on upkeep of RAP/Diary records.
LO: Conclude. Was the Action Project a success?
H.W: Exam Question from Junior Cycle
Any Questions??


Okay, I appreciate your attention

Thank You & Goodnight
Resource: Internet, Images of Posters
Resource: Carbon Footprint Calculator/Questionnaire/Map
Resource: Handout
H.W: Find 10 items at home which can be 3 R's
Resource: YouTube Video
Resource: 1992 Earth Summit speech by Severn Suzuki
Resource: RAP Booklet
Resource: RAP Booklet
Concept of Stewardship
Resource: RAP Booklet
School/ Class Context
School is located in south west Donegal.
It is a mixed gender and multi-faith school.
It is a first year class.
Consists of 12 boys and 12 girls.
They can be quite boisterous, however at the same time respectful.
It is a mixed ability class
There are no SNA's in this class.
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