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Copy of Assignment 2 (questions 1-2) Prezi template

3Use this as a template to answer questions 1 & 2, in the Lesson 2 assignment.

Amit Jain

on 30 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Assignment 2 (questions 1-2) Prezi template

Assignment 2
Use this template for question 1.
This is an example.
Change as needed.
<Your name>
Use Cases
It 10 pm on sunday night. We reached home after a long drive back after a weekend getaway. We need to order some pizza but in a hurry to go to bed so we can be ready for monday morning.
I am 40, married with 2 kids
We order at home sometimes.
We are vegetarians
Long weekend. Lazy afternoon. All of us in the mood for pizza and in the mood for some experimentation today.
Use this template for question 2.
This is an example.
Change as needed.
Feature List
History of orders (finicky kids)
Selection of add-ons
1 click checkout
Delivery boy identity (security angle)
Delivery status (impatient kids)
I'm a CS graduate, working part time
I have 2 small kids
I have little free time
I care about healthy food
medium income

Use case:
I took the kids from kindergarten and we have no food at home. Kids love pizza so we order some.
Build a feature list using another student's persona
Low res wireframe for app
Step 1:

Select from previous favourite pizza choices OR look at full menu options

Step 2:

Select from previous favourite add on choices OR look at full menu options
Step 3:

1 click checkout using previously stored payment info
Step 4:

Expected ETA + delivery boy details
Indicate where each feature would go in a low res wireframe
<Your photo>
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