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soccer play

No description

lis lab3

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of soccer play

play soccer
Justin Pineda
Jessica Everman
What equipment do you need to
play this sport?
To play soccer you will need different types of equipment such as cleats, a set of shingaurds and
knee lenghth socks. You will also need a soccer ball and somewhere to play or practice such as a field.
The goal of this sport is to try to score on the oppsite side. You can do trick to try to go to the oppsite side and score.
The sport of soccer began in the
United Kingdom. This started in
the very early 1800s

You play this sport on a rectanglular grass field and you go around and if you are just practicing you can try to score a goal from far away or you can practice your tricks and pass with a friend.
There is a lot of terminology
used in the game of soccer. Some of this is
charge, dribble, pass, drop ball, hand ball, save tackle, and hat trick. These are just a few examples of terminology that is used the game of soccer.
Fun Fact
Soccee r
What NOT to do in soccer:
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