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Jaylen Campbell

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of exhibition

By : Jaylen Campbell Recycling Exhibition We can recycle to make or world a better place and stop waste in landfills from stacking up. The recycling process The recycling process is when a recyclable material or product is transformed into a new object. What is recycling? Recycling is when waste is converted into reusable material. What can be recycled? Glass
Batteries Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Reduce waste in landfills.
Reuse items you have already used and be creative with it.
Make a plan to be a person or family who recycles.
all of these things can help make our world a better world Stop waste Do you have a green thumb? Create a group in your community and help the world by recycling. Marketing and Purchasing A recycled product is usually sold at stores or factories. A regular person would buy it from a store. A product that is made from natural resources would cost less than one that was already recycled. My re-purposed material:
mini locker The materials I used were an empty popcorn box, construction paper, scissors, marker, and glue. The steps to do my project are:
1. Cover the popcorn box with construction paper
2. Cut 3 lines that will make the locker door.
3. Glue decorative things on your locker . Mini locker How my family recycles? My family recycles by:
reusing plastic or paper bags
placing cardboard and empty plastic containers in our recycling bin
turning in empty soda cans/bottles for deposit
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