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yehna bendul

on 7 January 2015

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Win- Win : This habit means that you care about others and yourself, you find joy in others success. In essence, its an
All you can eat buffet
where everyone wins.


Let's say you recently got a promotion where you work.

Baby Steps
Lose -Win Attitude: The Doormat
A person with a Lose-Win attitude is very lenient and gives into others wishes 100% of the time. This person is a crowd pleaser and will do just about anything for anyone regardless how it affects them. This is where Lose-Win people go wrong. By bringing some one up they put themselves down instead of figuring out a way for both of them to be successful. This is the art of the lose-Win attitude.
Baby steps are when a baby takes steps.

Small ways to improve your Win-Win attitude everyday...

Try to find areas where you can do less caparisons.


Ask for favors in a win win way.

Win-Lose: The Totem Pole
Very Competitive

Trying to get ahead of another person

Always trying to get the bigger piece of the pie

Full of Pride

What Will Happen?
1. Will use others for selfish needs
2. Can cause gossip and rumors to spread
3. Insisting on getting your way
4. Becoming jealous when someone close has something good happen to them
Overall: It will end in backfire, and you will end up on the bottom of the totem pole.
How to Become a winner:

In order to change your attitude and become a double winner, people with a lose- win attitude must start standing up for themselves; once they are able to advocate for themselves, they will be able to win along with the people around them.
What's an example of a win-win attitude for this?
The best solution is to continue treating everyone equally, and make sure to praise those that got you there.
"If I'm going down, you're going down with me"
How Does It Happen?
Win no matter the consequences
Can't see the big picture
Good vs Bad
-Pushing yourself vs making it your worth
Bad Bad... Bad
-Life is an obstacle course
See the other person lose no matter the consequences
Can't see the big picture
" We were down 30 points in the fourth quarter. I was so mad that I fouled my opponent and broke one of his ribs. We still lost the game, the other team lost their best player, and I got suspended from the rest of the season"
What does having a win-win attitude bring?

Conflict Resolution
Double Victory

But the most important
thing is the victory for yourself
Habit 4: Win-Win Attitude
Do not fear slow progress, but rather no progress at all.
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