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Deeper into Google Analytics

Delving into Google Analytics

William Diamond

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Deeper into Google Analytics

Delving Into Google Analytics
Preliminary Topic: AdSense
This is a great how to...
Some Proof that
AdSense Pays Off!
More Proof
A Video about
Our First Source
Goal 3:

Goal 2: Behavior &
Testing Web Pages

Using Funnels for
Other Activities
Assessing Conversion
With Funnels
Of course, if we put different landing pages for different versions of ads, we can use bounce rates to test media.
The simplest way: the ad says
Go to www.DogsForever.com/collegian
Go to www.DogsForever.com/WMUA
The landing pages could look exactly the same, or could be customized.
Problem 4*
You sell Isenberg merchandise: Briefcases, watches, earrings, etc. You do not have rights to the regular logo, so you have invented a new brand “Isenberg Tigers.”* Some are cute and cuddly, some are fierce. You give a lot of information about Isenberg on your website, and a great blog. You enrich your site and self with AdSense as well as using AdWords. But things are not going so well. What should you examine with Google Analytics?
*Trademark copyright WD . All rights reserved.

AdWords and Social Media
Problem 1*
You own a snowboard shop. You sell winter clothing, and related snowboard equipment. You have a website. You are worried that people snoop your site and instead of ordering or coming into the store, they order from cheaper retailers online.
You have a blog on your site. You keep hoping that as people trust you and feel greatful for your wonderful blog, they’ll ….Well, what are your goals and how will you test them with Analytics?
Problem 2*:
You are a small independent bookstore. Of course you are worried about Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Borders. You don’t sell many books on your website, because Amazon sells cheaper. But you do have a website.
You do have a customer list, and a website. What should be the goals and steps to the goals that you measure with Google Analytics.
Problem 3*
You run a “nice” used-car company. No hassle, no pressure, fixed prices, good guarantees. Customers increasingly are going to automotive dealerships to purchase used cars. You have a website. What do you examine with Google Analytics? Why?
The importance
of increasing
conversion rates
Bounce Rate
and time on site!
note the segmentation!
segmenting by
visitor type
(Objectives and Key Results to
Key Performance Indicators)
AdSense is the opposite of AdWords.
You don't pay Google,
Google pays you!
To learn about AdSense and Building good websites, go to:
Flowing through
the site
Goal 1: Acquisition!
The Google Introduction to Analytics!
Behavior, Conversion!
Google: Acquisition,
, Conversion!
Acquisition, Behavior,
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