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Invasive species prezi

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Adam Scott

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Invasive species prezi

By: Adam & Mitchell
Alien Invasive Species Prezi
What is an alien invasive species?
What are the issues with invasive species?
- Currently the issue of invasive species is the second most significant threat to biodiversity, right after habitat loss.
- In the species new ecosystems, invasive alien species become predators, competitors, parasites, hybridizers, and diseases of our native and domesticated plants and animals.

-This means that they are out competing other native species and causing the native species to become extirpated (forced to move to a new ecosystem).
Why does this matter to you?
As what was said in a past bubble, invasive alien species can cause the extirpation of native species. For example say the emerald ash borer comes to our part of Toronto, it destroys about half of the tree population, this causes the producer in the food chain (the trees affected) to become extirpated. If the primary consumer has no food source their population will decline as well and this trend continues all the way up the food chain. Eventually spreading and causing more and more parts of Toronto to face the same issue as we are. It destroys the ecosystem around us
An alien invasive species is a species that is not native to the region or country often with the potential for out competing native species or have no natural predators.
As you could see from this video, Oliver would then become either extirpated or extinct in the long run while Frank then takes over Oliver's small island and then the trend would continue over many years until either Frank and his family becomes extinct or Oliver and his family are extinct.
How is it caused?
Alien invasive species come from other countries or continents and either have gotten a free ride to Canada on a boat or plane or they have somehow ventured to Canada by themselves (mostly birds or marine life). There is no possible way to stop the issue but we can do the best we can to prevent this global issue. An example is Zebra mussels, they got to Canada by catching a ride on a ship and are now everywhere in lakes and on most shorelines.
Where is this issue taking place?
This issue is taking place all over the world and is a very difficult issue to permanently stop due to the fact that we cannot observe every single inch of the borders of our country and every single form of transportation going past borders.
What can you do to help?
Unfortunately, there is very little that we can do to stop this issue. Some ideas on how to stop it is to bring as little as you over the borders of different countries.
Another idea is to always try to re-plant the trees or try to protect the endangered species that are being affected.
Thanks for watching
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