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Getting Brand Communities Right

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Faezeh Esfahani

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Getting Brand Communities Right

Getting Brand Communities Right
A brand community is a business strategy.
A brand community exists to serve the people in it.
Engineer the community, and the brand will be strong.
The Birth Of Community Brand
In 1983, HARLEY-DAVIDSON faced extinction.
25 years later, the company boasted a top 50 global brand valued at $7.8 billion.
The question is
Smart companies embrace the conflicts that make communities thrive.
Communities are strongest when everyone plays a role.
Online networks are just one tool, not a community strategy.
Of and by the people, communities defy managerial control.
Apple Fans VS. Dell Fans
Shared goal, activity or value.
Dunkin Donuts Fans VS. Starbuks Fans
Communities become stronger by highlighting, not erasing, the boundaries that define them.
Apple Enthusiasts
Common Community Roles
1. Mentor
Tactics Vary, but the goal is connect with the people.
Thanks for your attention
A brand community is a marketing strategy.
A brand community exists to serve the business.
Build the brand, and the community will follow .
Brand communities should be love-fest for faithful brand advocates
Opinion leaders build strong communities.
Online social networks are the key to a community strategy,
Successful brand communities are tightly managed and controlled.
High level strategy = Supporting business-wide goal -> Max benefit in brand community
People participate in communities because,
1. Find emotional support
2. Cultivate interests
3. Become unique
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