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No description

Breanna Porter

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of MICROTUBULES

The Cytoskeleton
a network of fibers extending throughout the cytoplasm

support the cell

helps it maintain shape

made from tubulin dimer
25nm diameter
can be disassembled and reassembled around cell
ends differ slightly (+)
compression resisting girders
grow out of the centrosome near the nucleus
Organelle Movement
act as anchors for motor proteins
vesicles and other organelles "walk" across "tracks"
Cell Mobility
"9+2" arrangement for all flagella and most cilia
anchored to basal body with "9+0" arrangement
dyneins link to one end and "walk on the other
Cell Division
centrioles replicate (9 sets of microtubules) in cell division
located within the centrosome
help pull chromosomes apart

Structure of Microtubules
usually one per cell
propels cell along its axis
about 10x longer than cilia
work more like oars sending cells perpendicular to their axis
motile vs. "antenna" ones
very small
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