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Who to Trust, Where to Turn

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Stephanie Ontiveros

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Who to Trust, Where to Turn

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Stephanie Ontiveros Who To Trust, Where To Turn Questions for the Parents For the past five years I have worked in the Social Work department. I have recently come across an incident at a local daycare in El Paso, TX. I have been notified by three families in regards to their four children who have been neglected as well as abused by their caretaker. The claims were bruises to the buttocks and shoulders, pinched ears and forearms, skipped lunches, and leaving the children unattended for a numerous amount of time. 1. How do you respond to your child when they begin acting up?
( throwing a tantrum)
2. When did you notice the bruises on your child?
3. How was this facility brought to your attention?
4. Has your child ever reported any abuse or neglect to you?
5. Does your child tend to lie?
6. Do you have any reason to believe the bruises could have come from playing rough with the other children? Questions for the Daycare Staff 1. Are the children under adult supervision at all times?
2. Have you ever intentionally placed a child in danger?
3. Have you had any complaints from the parents?
4. Do you witness the children playing rough with each other?
5. Have you ever placed a hand on any of the children you care for? Considerations In order to be notified, I will exchange my contact information with both the parents and staff members.
I have to take both the parents' and children's emotions into consideration.
I will use the techniques I have acquired to further my investigation.
I will gain the trust of the children in order for them to speak to me with honesty. Explanation In order to be contacted by either party, my contact information would need to be given to them.
I must be considerate of the parents emotions and the child's behavior during questioning.
Using the techniques I have acquired will help further my investigation due to experience.
I will let the children know they are in no trouble for speaking the truth.
I will make it known that I am there to help the families and their children. Anticipated Events The children may not cooperate with answering the questions.
The parents may not cooperate with the investigation. Justification Since i am a stranger to the children it may take a while for them to to adjust and feel comfortable.
The parents may expect a different approach and be upset with the outcome. Therefore my task would be developing a comfortable relationship with the children to receive good responses rather than silence or no cooperation. Along with the parents, I will address them professionally and in a proper manner in order for them to cooperate with the questioning. Emotional Two days into my investigation I have begun building a profile on the families and the staff at this local day care. My next task is to visit the homes of these families to interview the children. I will be accompanied by a registered nurse, who will exam the children's physical condition if need be. Questions for the Children 1. Do you play at the daycare?
2. Do you play rough with the other kids at the daycare?
3. How did you get that bruise?
4. Do you have fun at the daycare?
5. Do you like being at the daycare?
6. Are the people who take care of you nice? Considerations At times children don't speak up for themselves or they hesitate because their uncomfortable.
Interview them alone, with a parent present the child may not speak on behalf of what occurred.
The child may be easily brainwashed by the parent to accuse the daycare staff.
The remaining possibility, the child could have gotten injured from rough play. Explanation When put in a tough position a child may not tell the truth or they may hold back from speaking.
When a parent is present with their child, the child may again hold back from saying what they believe they might get in trouble for.
If the abuse is taking place at home there can be a possibility the parent had the child falsely accuse the daycare to spare them any trouble.
Again the child may have gotten bruises from rough play with the other children. Anticipated Events: Parents may try and interfere during the interview with their child.
Some children may lie about the allegations.
Some children may not respond to questioning. Justification Some parents may demand to know what it is I am asking their child.
Some children may not speak the complete truth because they are afraid of the outcome.
Since I am unknown to the child they may fall out of their comfort zone and refuse to respond. In order to have the child respond to questioning, I must address them in a calm and friendly manner. I must try gaining the trust of the children so they don't feel out of their comfort zone Circumstantial During my investigation, I have again been notified by two more families with similar claims. Only difference between the previous families is that these two are blood related as well as by marriage and have had charges of possession and intent to distribute. As a professional it is not my obligation to judge these families but respond to an accusation that has been made, especially dealing with a child who has been injured or placed in harm. I will continue my investigation as so, observing every single aspect in detail. Questions for the two families 1. Have you ever spanked your child?
2. Have you ever been high on drugs around your child?
3. Are you aware of your actions while on drugs?
4. Is it possible you may have hurt you child because of being on drugs? Considerations I must remain professional and attend to them as I did the other families.
I must be alert of their body language and how they respond to my questions.
I must be aware of the responses they give me in case of any dishonesty.
I need to keep in mind the previous ongoing investigations to see if the allegations match up. Explanation I can not allow myself to treat them any different because of their criminal history.
Observing their body language when they answer a certain question can justify whether or not they are lying.
Placing both investigations side by side will allow me to see if they match up and whether or not the daycare has been neglecting and abusing these children. Anticipated Events Parents may lash out during the interview because of some questions being asked.
They may refuse to cooperate.
Possible that both families came up with these allegations to get money from the daycare Justification Since I am asking about any drug relations the parent may become upset and refuse to answer the question or continue with the interview.Both families may have heard about the previous allegations and are planning a scheme to invest money from the daycare. Since two more claims have been brought to my attention and added on to my investigation, I will need to see if they all correspond to each other and if the daycare has truly been harming the children they care for. I may need to further my interviews and continue asking all parties questions to find out what took place and where.
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