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Cynthia Dunn

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Motivation and Engagement I have learnt that my past experiences have shaped the person I am today. I understand in order to become an effective and authentic teacher I must begin a journey of understanding myself.

How can I help create a person that is connected to their own self If I am not connected to MY own self? After reading Gibbs (2006, p.21) 'the
teacher as servant leader', this is the
teacher I want to become. This is the first and true representation of a teacher I felt connected to. I would like to be a teacher that honours
students and their potentional. I want to connect with them and to inspire them.

I have also learnt my attitude will shape a child's attitude. I must always show to them I know they can do it. As long as they try. I will expect smart and never expect dumb (Henslin, Passamai, & Passamai-Inesedy, 2011, p.404). The type of teacher I
would like to be Family and Learning I am learning to balance my life with
regards to my family and my studies.
This has been a process of peaks and trophs.
One week can be incredibly productive and
then the next week can be chaotic and I get nothing done.

I have learnt to make meaning with my
studies by staying on track and not racing
ahead. I feel it is important to connect with all the information we are receiving rather than getting weekly tasks done and out of the
way and not actually learning anything! Areas I need to develop Two areas I feel I will need to focus on more
Critically thinking - I have learnt this is a skill I need to learn and develop just like any other academic skill.
Reasearching more broadly - I have been studying part-time for 18 months and in that time I have never used a journal reference. Within my second assignment I am going to use two journal references. This will enable me to practice my online library searches as well as being able to reference a journal. I have learnt motivation and engagement are key factors to a students ability to learn. Maslow's theory (1954, in Marsh, 2010, p.59) explains how students need to have basic needs met in order to be able to engage in the classroom. I have also learnt that motivation and engagement are linked to self esteem. Teachers must learn to use process-orientated praise rather than person-orientated praise. What are the areas I still need
to develop? What have I learnt so far?
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