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Cheryl, Rosie, Sabrina, Dennis

Cheryl Wong

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Debate

The Marking Scheme Debate is important to our survival as a civilizes world. Debating about issues and trying to solve them not only makes people smarter, but it allows the world go around. Debating allows people to think outside the box, and how to stand up for yourself with including violence. Debating can help improve your speaking skills, and can also develop your self confidence. Debating To debate is to argue about a subject, with both sides presenting their views and arguments in an organized and formal manner. Why do people debate Cheryl, Rosie, Sabrina, Dennis What is debating? Debating makes it easier to handle issues when it occurs. People debate when they have a disagreement
about an argument. Debating is done when an
argument is too difficult to decide on it's own.
There are many difficult decisions to be made;
debating is a way of making the decision less
difficult. Debating is similar to being in court
because there is one opposition and a preposition
, just like the offense and the defense. Matter - 20 points
Manner - 40 points
Method - 40 points The average score for each speaker is 75/100, give or take a few marks. The adjudicator (judge) gives the marks. Sometimes there is an audience and the audience will vote for the winning team. Topics for Debating Politics / continental debates
Environment / global warming
Poverty / famine / drought
Feminism / racism / abuse
Economy/ cuts
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