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Organizing & Documenting Information

No description

Amanda Pfeil

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of Organizing & Documenting Information

Documenting Information
Get a Lesson Plan Book
Low tech and inexpensive tool to keep organized
You can keep things such as you class roster, notes, schedules and other important information
Use it to record data during classroom observations, jot recommendations at a team meeting, or take notes.
Clip reminders to it
Purchase a clipboard
Help record important information: what needs to be done, or behaviors, etc.
Daily or weekly
Be colorful! Make it stand out.
Attach to a clipboard, planning book, or place in a binder on desk
Create charts
Great to take a quick message
Easy to carry and move around
Easily able to take information and put it it's own place
information can be uploaded easily to a computer
not for people who set things down and lose them easily
Invest in a Digital Voice Recorder
Typical cost: $40

Conversations and information can quickly be noted,listen to later, and transferred into a student's file.

Determine a specific time of day when data and conversations will be documented.
Organizing & Documenting Information
Pgs. 31, 34-36

Mary, Leah, Amanda, Alex, Tanya
Many districts provide at the beginning of the school year.
Documenting what objectives and lessons you are teaching
Jot notes to help you recall essential information from conversations
Use a Personal Data Assistant/ Cell Phones/Tablet
Creating a message System:
Develop a plan to take and keep messages
Organize Messages:
Sticky notes work great!
Designate a spot near the phone for messages:
Hang a clipboard or binder with a pencil attached
Small basket(s)
Whiteboard or corkboard
use different colored sticky notes or pieces of paper to organize messages
select one color for different categories. for example, bright green for urgent, high priority student items, yellow for personal reminders, and blue for teaching or instructional plans
you can have a tray for the messages and show others you work with your system for when they leave you messages
* Dragon Soft ware*
- Create documents, email, reports, and spreadsheets in minutes instead of hours – just by talking.
Keep a Teaching Notebook
To do list
Monthly Calendar
Meeting notes
Student's contact information
Volunteer schedule
Grade level/Lesson plan ideas
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