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No description

Taran Pereira

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Donsol


Slogans with ‘Discover’ and ‘’Begin the Adventure’ emphasises adventures as the tourism product (Lee, Cai & O’Leary, 2006).

Gabriella Marchant
Marketing Mix Strategy for
Donsol Philippines

“The range of facilities or products a tourist destination will offer to its customers”
(Morrison, 2010)

Donsol Product
Whale Sharks (“Butanding” Festival)
Scuba Diving
Mt Mayon Volcano
The people
Remote location
Tour packages

Product Strategy
Keep focus on the Donsol having the largest schools of whale sharks in the world

Display all Donsols products in new promotional tools

Gain a competitive advantage, show adventure seekers what they are missing out on

Younger demographic with a less disposable income
Asia-Pacific area travellers base holidays mostly on competitive pricing (Euromonitor International, 2014)
Cheaper pricings to target 20-35 Australian Adventure Seekers

Pricing Strategy
“Place in tourism marketing refers to the channel in which the customer receives information about the destination and can purchase the experience”
(Morrison, 2010)

Main channel is through internet sites and Facebook
Indirect distribution through travel agents, but don’t refer to Donsol specifically

Place Strategy
Increase marketing on Facebook page
Blog regularly and invite more friends, numbers are low
Design own brochure for travel agents to distribute
Moisescu (2012) has found that in order for the tourism industry to segment and target markets properly, they need to use social media websites, as this approach targets mass audiences with high rates of penetration.

“The integration of partnerships is necessary to create a tourism value chain proficiently” (Morrison, 2013)

Partnerships Strategy
Maintain relationship with Eco Tours
Spread to other local companies running activities with Donsols products
Engage in a partnership with natural area managers
The more partnerships the easier products will reach the intended target audience (Morrison, 2013)

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'Discover Donsol'
Logos can communicate desired attributes to visitors and awareness, therefore can influence visitors choice behaviour, especially if the logo connects the target market (Blain, Levy, & Ritchie, 2005).
‘the whale shark capital of the world’

Effective positioning is both beneficial for the destination and tourist, especially if they differentiate their destination in a meaningful way to their consumers (Pike & Ryan, 2004).

The use of other unique attraction that differentiate from competitors
Destination image is the mental ‘pictures’ of specific tourism destination that people have in their mind, formed from a number of different sources (Morrison, 2013).
'Its more
in the Philippines'. welcoming, easy going and cheerful

Adventurist and mysterious
Social Media
Travel Brochures
18-35 Adventurous Australian
Diversified Product Offering
Local Partnership
Remote Positioning
Discover Donsol
Promotional tools - Brochures, Social Media & Merchandise
Social Media Competition


Western Australia


Total (For a weeks stay based off averages)
+$385 per free swim along side whale sharks

+ $10-$100 depending on which tour guide operator you go with for whale shark swim

Comparison of a Weeks stay in 3 Destinations
1. Like/Follow social media page
2. Post a photo of the thing or place you'd most like to discover in Donsol
3. Add the tagline 'I'd like to discover the e.g. Whale sharks in Donsol'
4. #discoverdonsol
Segmentation - Mahaya
Marketing Mix - Gabriella Branding - Taran
Promotion - Emma
Life Cycle
Countries traveling to Philippines
Where tourist are traveling once in Philippines
Percentage of tourist traveling for leisure
Chosen target market
Australians aged between 18-35 that are traveling to seek adventure
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