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No description

Carol Pan

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Audi

Introduction External : Porter's
Competitor Recommendation Political Factor Deng Xiaoping Approved new policy introducing foreign capital and technology Joint venture-FAW and AUDI Economical Factor 2007 BAD Economic Internal : SWOT
relationship with VW Porter’s Five Forces Audi had a Strategy - low price campaign Huge impact in Germany Social Factor Strong Brand Image Top Qualities Technology Factor Innovation and technology Goals: High-performance and Good qualities Strong relationship to SWOT Analysis
Strong brand image
Focus on technology and innovation
Strong parent backup
Effective allocation of resources STRENGTHS SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT ANALYSIS OPPORTUNITIES THREATS Relationship with VW

99.6% controlling share of Audi

Audi’s connection with VW strategy

Source of capital + resources

Management connection & Conclusion Competitor Analysis Future Goals Current Strategies + Capabilities Competitor Analysis
2020 growth strategy to achieve sustainable profitable growth (10% as of 2013 ROS) and to achieve the leading position in the luxury car business. Future Goals Competitor Analysis
Opening of new car plant in Kecskemét, Hungary.
2011, new records for unit sales, revenue and earnings.
2012 reported best unit sales ever achieved in a first quarter. Current Strategies + Capabilities

Ignores minor threats
Proactive in expanding global market

Research Fears: Fear of price cuts, innovation and higher unit sales of competitors that will add value to their company Discriminating Competitor Analysis Future Goals

Aim to maintain leading car sales position with 2020 goal to reach annual sales of 2 million by 2020. Competitor Analysis Competitor Analysis Current Strategies + Capabilities

Increased production at its Spartanburg plant in U.S.
& MINI plant in Oxford, UK

New $261m Plant planned to be built in Brazil 2014 Kristy, John, Carol, Daniel, Stephanie Recommendation Continue its current strategy
Superior Strength
Continuous Growth
Global Leader Opportunity in BRIC nations Decrease sales in European Market Development of hybrid-electric cars Competitor Analysis Berserker

Big hitter

Inflicts big damage
Reacts to all attacks
(wary of competition)
New plant in Brazil Competitor Analysis Future Goals

500,000 car sales annually Competitor Analysis Current Strategies + Capabilities

Currently best-selling U.S. luxury car for over a decade.
Next generation Lexus ES released in 2012 with new shape
Use of Toyota’s hybrid-engine technology: big selling point that assists in sustainability Discriminating

Reacts to big threats such as BMW sales with innovative new car designs and environmentally friendly hybrid engines

Fear: unit sales and production capacity of competitors Competitor Analysis Not lower prices
Concerning product recalls

Poised to benefit from growing demand in BRIC nations
Capital investment program

Intense competition WEAKNESSES “We delight customers worldwide.”
by Audi Environmental Factor Protect environment
eg. Sustainability, pollution Audi--Modular efficient system
consider the entire Co-2
Factor related to Strength Competitive advantage Q&A
Low for Audi & Industry
Barriers for Entry
Government Regulations
Product and Brand Loyalty Infrastructure
Capital for Manufacturing Facility
Maintenance Expenses
Cutting-Edge Technology Porter’s Five Forces
High for Audi & Industry
Power of Internet
Research Companies
Ability to Compare
Purchase Price Negotiations
Below Retail Price
Seek Competitor if Not Satisfied
Low Customer Traffic to Dealerships Bargaining Power of Buyer Porter’s Five Forces Threat of Substitutes
High for Audi & Competitors
Available Substitutes
Public Transportation System:
Bus Taxi
Motorcycle Walking
Cycling Rail
Airplane Porter’s Five Forces Bargaining Power of Supplier
Minimal Impact to Audi and Industry
Five Dominating Manufacturers
Several Thousands of Supplier Firms
Minimize Cost
Product Development
Inventory Management
Non-Performers Replaced With Potential Competitor Porter's Five Forces Rivalry
Very High for Audi & Competitors
Encompasses Competitors & Competition
Key Competitors
-Bavarian Motor Werks
Key Competition Methods
-Driver Experience
Product Comparison
Co-Presence in Market Porter's Five Forces Porter's Five Forces Threat of Entry
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