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Internationalisation of European EO Companies Workshop

No description

David Hello

on 17 January 2017

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Transcript of Internationalisation of European EO Companies Workshop

Shared know-how, products and services
Enriched portfolio

Shared technical platform

Open network
1 member per region
Which route
to export ?

Sentinel data

NICT / Big Data
Cloud / Machine Learning

Environmental pressure
Legislative framework
A favorable context
Some challenges for a SME in the EO domain
Niche market / export

Technical expertise +++

Innovation / R&T

Local presence
Going international: opportunities, challenges, and key success factors.
The EUGENIUS network.

as of today

Geoinformation services based on EO for agriculture, environment, and land management
A network of European SME’s to boost the market of geospatial services.
Local to global
Enriched offer
9 founding members located in 8 European Regions
as of today
The catalogue includes today a set of 14 « applicative tools » in the following domains
Business perspectives
The value proposition of this network of SMEs is cost effective for the customers because of :
shared data related to the territory, including authoritative data, in-situ data, crowd-sourced data and EO data,
proven and largely used applications throughout Europe,
long term sustainability
support by local service providers backed by a wide network of experts.

Expected turn-over increase by region : +1M€ to +5M€ (2024)

Consolidated service offer can be proposed by the members outside-EU.

EC H2020 project to support the ramp-up (2,3M€ budget - 24 months). Objective : set up the network in 5 regions and start to operate
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