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Business plan

No description

Jenna Bourbon

on 11 January 2014

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Transcript of Business plan

Business plan
Chris Eckstrum
Oğuz Kağan Şahin
Fadi Char
Jenna Bourbon
Yiming Li
Tian Xia
Manuel Almagro Hortas
Karine Tassa Jachimiak
-Mission "Video"
-Market Research
-Pricing Strategy
-SWOT Analysis
-Marketing Strategy
-Customer care and customer feedback strategy/policy
-Break even
-Revenue Plan
-Profit loss

New York
Bring public awareness to the problem of LGBT discrimination
Donate 15% of proceeds to help LGBT members in need "ILGA"
Turn over a profit to further business

Market Research
Interviewed several restaurant owners
Applied advice to business plan
Fluent German
8 weeks
75 different people
5 questions
87% acceptance rate
Do you feel that people who are LGBT are underrepresented in your community?
Do you know anyone who is a part of the LGBT community and if so do you feel they are receiving the same respect by others as everyone else?
Do you know any support groups for people who are LGBT in you community?
Do you know anyone who was not accepted by his or her families after coming out as being LGBT?
Do you feel your community could do more to support people who are LGBT?

Why Ludwigshafen

Café Peach

“Various ethnic foods focusing mainly on American, Italian and
Bimarck Str. 106 Ludwigshafen
Big Apple Diner
Schillerstrasse 7 Ludwigshafen

Restaurant Zum Maffenbeier
Rohrlachstrasse 58 Ludwigshafen

“Middle Eastern”
Bismarckstrasse 70 Ludwigshafen
The restaurant is buffet style, which allows customers to come and
pick what they want to eat and have as much as they like.
Because this restaurant in buffet style, the quality of food may suffer.
Pricing Strategy:
Buffet style,
Bundling pricing
Appeals to the large middle-class population around Ludwigshafen.

Big Apple Diner specifically caters to those who want authentic
American cuisine, which is not often seen in Germany
Because Big Apple Diner specifically does only American style
cuisine; it has a very specific and likely small target market that may be hard for
them to continually reach.
Pricing Strategy:
Competitive pricing
Dishes < 15 euro
A big strength of Restaurant Zum Maffenbeier is that it uses local grown produce in its dishes
Large portions
Specific target market and being a German restaurant in Germany it is likely to have a lot of competition.
Only using local produce means that they rely on these local producers to continually produce quality products to meet the need of the restaurant.

Pricing Strategy
Competitive pricing strategy
Large enough margins to turn profit and compete in German restaurant market
Shahrayar is one of the only Middle Eastern restaurants around the area,
which means that there is very little competition
The higher prices of Shahrayar could drive away potential customers away from trying their restaurant.
Only serving Middle Eastern cuisine is again a very specific and possibly small target market in this area.

Our pricing strategy
Rent (per year)
- Including incidental expenses 22.800
- One-time safety deposit 4.500
- Additional costs 10.764
Rent Agreement
- Monthly Payments
How often do you pay?
- Monthly
Rent term
- 3 Years

Metro Supermarket
Cater to the restaurant needs
Compete at the best prices
Great quality
Reasonable driving distance
Lower costs
Divided into monthly and weekly purchases
Food costs approximately 7303.26 per-month
96 Items in total
Pricing strategy
We believe that Shahrayar is using more of a skimming pricing
With high profit margins and high prices they are meeting the demand of a small target market.

Staffing will have a very flat hierarchy. This will
include one restaurant manager, one person for marketing/CRM/accounting, while
everyone else switches positions in order to do and know everything within the
restaurant. This will allow us to refrain from hiring additional people until later on to save
on costs.
Ludwigshafen is the second largest city in Rheinland Pfalz @ 165,000
Constitutes about 4% of entire Rheinland Pfalz population
Just over 140 dining locations
- Approximately 2 Restaurant for every 1km2
- 1 restaurant for every 1146 people
- Strong middle-class due to BASF
- Approximately 55% of the population is between 25 and 60
-3km from Mannheim


-Unternehmergesellschaft "UG"
-Restaurant start date March 1st 2014
- Directly of off the 650
-60 Seats
-Various equipment included
-2 Pool tables

Marketing Strategy:
Make initial presence within the community
Local promotional fliers
5km of our location
Large sign on building
Viral promotional video

promotional and advertising strategy
Promotional fliers to people in busy areas of Ludwigshafen,
mainly within the downtown.
Street fliers
send fliers to residencies within 5km of our establishment.
posters will be made advertising our business around town.
Repost the posters ever 1-2 months to maximize our reach to
potential customers.
A large sign will be made for our restaurant
includes our logo and gives us visible presence from the street.
A large decal will be made for our work vehicle, which will include our logo, and contact

Customer care and customer feedback strategy/policy
Return customers are essential to the success of our business, we plan to run:
Strong CRM campaign.
Send discounts out for birthdays and certain holidays
Strong manager presence.
Interact with customers
Have a suggestion box within the restaurant
Plan to reach out to every customer who has put in feedback
We will have a strong presence on sites such as Yelp.
Customers can go and review our establishment
Dishes will be priced from €4.95-€11.95

Price Penetrating strategy

Pricing of competition

-Does not exceed €10-€15

LGBT will not exceed €20

Comparatively cheaper cost of ingredients

Weighted average of cost per-dish < €2-€3

Cheaper Labor costs

-Wages are €8–€10 per-hour

Limited people working in the restaurant at a time

SWOT Analysis
Limited competition
Provide dishes not easily found other places
Many choices of food
Low prices
Great quality
Lack of start-up funds on-hand
Little experience running a restaurant

R&D projects
Activities to promote LGBT rights

Local political and regional regulations
Unknown German market

Salaries 4942 per-week

-Some equipment already exists
-Freezer, fryer, stove, tables ECT.
-Saved costs

Major Costs
€ 8,000
Various start-up costs
-Pots & Pans
-Dish Sets
-Various cooking equipment
-Totaling 7.065,50
-Plus all other various costs
-Totaling 36.532,36
Break even point
Profit Loss
"Come eat today and give back forever".

At Local Global Brought Together

KFW Loan
No Payments for 3 Years
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
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